Samantha Who: Season 1

by Angel Cohn September 23, 2008 2:36 pm
Samantha Who: Season 1

If you are buying this DVD set (available today), I certainly hope that you are buying it because you just adored the show. Of you have amnesia and have forgotten that DVD sets usually have many more extras than this. Because otherwise there's a good chance you'll be disappointed.

Don't get me wrong, the show is adorable. It stars Christina Applegate as Samantha (or Sam to her friends) a thirtysomething who has been in a car accident, lost her memory and discovered that before the crash she was a total bitch. Now she's trying to rectify her ways, but flashes of bitchiness come through when she least expects it. The supporting cast is cute, featuring Jean Smart (in her now Emmy-winning role), Barry Watson (mmmm....) Melissa McCarthy (who will always be Sookie to me) and Jennifer Esposito, and really round out this series, making it more tolerable than it sounds on paper. Funny even. Most of the time

Because of the writers strike, the season was cut short, so there are only 15 episodes on the two-disc sets, and they didn't exactly blow the budget on the extras. There's really just the bare minimum.

Christina Applegate is joined by executive producers Donald Todd and Peter Traugott as they chat about the pilot. It's the only commentary on the set, and it is mostly just talking to them about how the show got started and how much they just love working together and how much fun it is to make streets look shiny. They also go on and on for a bit about how they just had to cut so much because of time. But now they can put the extra nine minutes, which they painstakingly shot and then cut, on DVD... or so they seem to think. Applegate is her perky self and seems happy enough to be chatting about the show, but it is only twenty minutes, it's not like there's a lot of insight going on.

Deleted Scenes
My hopes were kind of high, given that the commentary talked a lot about all of the extra footage they had created. Really, it's just a handful of scenes, with intros by EP Donald Todd. He explains why these perfectly good scenes (his phrase, not mine) were axed from the original airings. His most frequent reasoning is because of timing issues. They were all apparently hard to cut, because they involved either the word monkey (comedy gold), women's underwear (who doesn't love that?) and fake snakes (more surefire laughs). None of them really changed the flow of the show, or had me laughing out loud. Though I'll happily watch more of doorman Frank anytime.

Samantha Whoops
As Christina Applegate revealed during the commentary, her stomach tends to growl a lot. In these bloopers we get to hear it for ourselves. Then it is just your usual every day ordinary giggle fest for a few short (very short) minutes.

And that's it. The entire set. It comes in a slim little box with a flippy thing to go between the discs, but really... that's all she wrote.




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