Scrubs: Season Seven

by Mindy Monez November 11, 2008 2:31 pm
Scrubs: Season Seven Scrubs may not be nearly as good as it used to be, but it is still on the air, which means there are DVDs to review! I didn't watch this, the last NBC season before the show hops over to ABC, but I did watch the season finale for review purposes, and I can still say with confidence that this thing just ain't as good as it once was. The DVD extras are a little better though, so let's talk about this instead, shall we?

This feature is really short and not that great, but I do declare - Zach Braff and Donald Faison are pretty talented beatboxers.

Alternate Lines:
These are extended, improvised versions of jokes that aired on the show, and though they feature a pretty wide spectrum of the cast, there is a surprising lack of John C. McGinley, who is famous for his long improvised takes. The Janitor (Second City alum Neil Flynn) really rocks these, but that's to be expected. He's amazing.

One-On-One with Ken Jenkins
Jenkins plays Bob Kelso, and while this little interview was delightful and entertaining, I don't really understand why he was the only cast member with a separate, stand-alone interview. Is he leaving the show? I honestly don't know. Anyway, he's very funny and warm (he makes a coal mining joke!), and had a lot of gracious praise for the cast and crew.

Deleted Scenes
The John C. McGinley improv rants finally arrive! Also, a hilarious deleted scene of J.D. saying he "worked out today" that cuts to him standing on a treadmill in rollerblades. Why would they cut that? It was the biggest laugh I got out of the whole DVD set.

Making the Finale:
The Princess Bride tribute episode was apparently quite an undertaking and there's a lot of talk about how it was the huuuuuugest episode they'd ever done, but honestly? It looked like crap. This behind-the-scenes shows a bit of Zach Braff's directing skills and a whole lot of a very tired-looking Judy Reyes complaining about how hard it is to act with a green screen, and how even harder it is to act with Donald Faison. I wonder why people say the magic's gone from the show?

Commendably, there is commentary on every episode, something not enough shows do. Unfortunately, the only major character (unless you count Neil Flynn) who does it is Zach Braff, and he only did his tracks by himself. I don't know about you, but I'm not about to willingly listen to Zach Braff speak for 22 minutes.

Buy it now, you brave loyalists!




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