Lost: Season 4

by Mindy Monez December 11, 2008 3:54 pm
Lost: Season 4

Because of the abridged nature of last year's Lost, there are probably more extras on these DVDs than there were episodes, so it's nice they didn't skimp on them just because only, like, two and a half episodes got made last year. Though there are many highlights on these discs, I was particularly surprised by the extra that totally revealed that Bernard is Jacob. Didn't see that coming. Read on and choose your own favorites!

Episode Commentary:
There are a bunch of tracks to enjoy, but Damon and Carlton's commentary for the season finale is to die for. Seriously, if someone held a gun to your head and said you had to pick only one extra in this entire set to consume, I'd suggest you pick this one.

Lost on Location:
This is about the length of an episode and details how several of the season's most kick-ass stunts were done. It's interesting because stunts rule and because it showcases two very important pieces of information that I did not previously have: Josh Holloway is a giant, whiny wimp, but really adorable about it, and Rebecca Mader is a giant dork, but far less adorable in every way.

Right to Bear Arms:
This is an in-depth timeline of which guns went where with whom, when, and how, throughout all four seasons. You know, because of how the show's gun continuity was keeping you up at night. ...Except for that it wasn't, because who cares about gun continuity? You do get to see a lot of different kinds of guns, though, and you also get to find out that Josh Holloway hates guns that are heavy because they bruise his delicate skin. He really is the cutest little thing in all of the Aerosmith video canon, bless his heart.

They're not that great. This show always has weird, uncomfortable bloopers. I bet it's Kate's fault.

Deleted Scenes:
These are actually all really cool, but there is one awesome one that involves Sawyer and Hurley having guy talk about Sawyer's relationship drama with Kate as new roomies in New Otherton. And Sawyer does dishes during it. I died. There's also a great Miles-telepathically-speaks-to-the-brain-exploding-pylons one in there that's worth checking out, too.

The Island Backlot: Lost in Hawaii:
This is about how they all go surfing at lunch time because their jobs are way better than yours. It's also about how they make Honolulu look like Berlin, Seoul, London, Iraq, etc., which is interesting if you love green screens and fake snow. Because that's how they do that -- green screens and fake snow and sometimes, even fake sand! Whoaaaaaa! There's no reason to watch this.

Soundtrack of Survival:
This is how the genius Michael Giacchino composes the score for each episode, if you're into that. It's like Amadeus with less cleavage.

The Oceanic Six: A Conspiracy of Lies:
An E! True Hollywood Story-style investigation into the Oceanic Six's story, basically ripping it apart like anyone would if these people existed in real life and tried to sell a lie as big and obvious as theirs is. It's fun and surprisingly informative, mostly because there's a guy claiming to be a plane crash expert (how'd you like to have that job?) on it who breaks down what, exactly, happens to planes when they crash, as illustrated by computer reenactments. Basically, they shatter into a million pieces and so do the people inside. Happy thoughts!

The Freighter Folk:
This is all about the newbies of the season. All the actors are interviewed and insist that they were not crapped on too bad by the old-school Losties, Rebecca Mader shows off more of her gooberness, and there's some entertaining footage of Jeremy Davies (Daniel Faraday) improvising in character in his trailer, but the best, best, best part is a brief mini-montage of different characters just shouting "Lapidus!" over and over again, which was my hands-down favorite thing about this season (though I honestly don't know why) and a montage of it was all I really wanted for Christmas. Thank you, DVDs, for reading my mind yet again.

Flash Forwards:
This is all of the flash forwards edited together in sequential order, so you can try and figure out what the shit happened to these people and when, because this show seriously messes with one's short-term memory. This will probably be more helpful later, once the new season starts and you don't remember the difference between Jack's future beard and a hole in the ground anymore.

Offshore Shoot:
This is a behind-the-scenes of shooting on the freighter. It's pretty boring, save the shots of rows of buckets labeled "Puke Bucket" and director Jack Bender being miserably seasick.

Lost: Missing pieces:
These are called "mobisodes," but they're really webisodes, and you've seen them all already. Personally, I like the one where Jack and Ben play chess. Also, "mobisodes" is not a word.

And really, what? No tour of Jacob's cabin? Rip city.

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