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TV on DVD: Tuesday, June 26, 2012

by Ethan Alter June 26, 2012 6:00 am
TV on DVD: Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Glenn Close is back on the case for a fourth and (almost) final time.

Damages: The Complete Fourth Season
You've got to give Damages credit for one thing: it refuses to go gently into that good night, despite the fact almost no one beyond Glenn Close's friends and family members seems to realize it's still on. After three seasons on FX, the show moved over to DirectTV for its fourth year (the fifth and final season will also air exclusively on the satellite provider starting July 11) with John Goodman joining the cast as the latest evil businessman to match wits with super-attorney Patty Hewes (Close). Also popping up throughout the ten-episode run are such familiar character actors as Chris Messina, Tom Noonan and Judd Hirsch, while Rose Byrne once again returns as Patty's reluctant legal sidekick, Ellen. Hey, as long as the checks clear, going from cable to satellite isn't that much of a demotion.
Extras: Deleted scenes and outtakes; two making-of featurettes.

Casablanca: The Complete Series
Proof that creative bankruptcy isn't limited to the modern TV era, back in 1983 NBC executives decided that what the world really needed was a small-screen version of the immortal 1942 classic Casablanca. Former Starsky & Hutch star David Soul had the unenviable task of assuming a role made forever famous by Humphrey Bogart as Rick Blaine, the American owner of a bar in the Moroccan city circa World War II who gets drawn into various scrapes despite his desire to stay neutral. Hector Elizondo played local cop -- and the man with whom Rick shared a beautiful friendship -- Captain Renault, a young Ray Liotta turned up as the bartender Sacha and Scatman Crothers tickled the ivories as the watering hole's most popular pianist, Sam. In a sign that even NBC realized this series was a bad idea, only five episodes were produced, all of which were soundly ignored by audiences. See, sometimes the viewing public does know what's best for them! Almost makes up for them allowing Two and a Half Men to last ten seasons...
Extras: None

Also on DVD:
Law & Order addicts can continue adding to their DVD libraries with the release of Law & Order: Criminal Intent -- Year Seven, the seventh season of the franchise's third series. Fans of British TV can choose between the 1980 miniseries Love in a Cold Climate, which stars Judi Dench as the mother of an overly romantic daughter whose heart frequently gets her into trouble, and Poirot: Series Five, another batch of mysteries starring Agatha Christie's fastidious French detective. And finally, for the comic book lovers, there's Iron Man: Armored Adventures to tide you over until The Avengers hits DVD.

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