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TV on DVD: Tuesday, January 1, 2013

by Ethan Alter January 1, 2013 6:00 am
TV on DVD: Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Justified's killer third season justifies our love for the FX series.

Justified: The Complete Third Season
About to enter its fourth season as one of TV's most undervalued shows, FX's Justified offers up its junior year on DVD as further evidence of its overlooked greatness. Season 3 of the Elmore Leonard-derived series introduced Neal McDonough as the new villain bedeviling U.S. Marshall Raylan Givens (the perfectly cast Timothy Olyphant), who also has to contend with troubling goings-on in the racially divided community of Noble's Holler, not to mention the continued machinations of his friend-turned-frenemy Boyd Crowder (the indispensible Walton Goggins). In a season filled with memorable twists and turns, perhaps the moment that caught us most off guard involved Dewey and his allegedly missing kidneys, an episode that left us gasping for breath. If you've avoided hopping aboard the Justified train so far, we highly recommend using this set as your ticket.
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Being Human: The Complete Second Season
Syfy's Americanized version of the British series about a vampire, a ghost and a werewolf all living under the same roof has never quite measured up to its predecessor creatively, but it's developed a modest fanbase stateside anyway, becoming one of the network's most reliable shows ratings-wise. (The third season kicks off on January 14.) Season 2 found the roommates getting caught up in another complex web of supernatural goings-on involving, among other things, the Queen of the Vampires, inconvenient wolf-outs and a mutual affection for... Antiques Roadshow? That's something you'd never see happen across the pond.
Extras: A featurette, interviews with the cast and crew and footage from the show's visit to the 2012 edition of the San Diego Comic-Con.

Also on DVD:
Long before she played Anna Karenina, Keira Knightley starred in another adaptation of a classic Russian novel, the 2002 miniseries Doctor Zhivago. If you and your young kids are still housebound with holiday fever, set them up with Mickey Mouse Clubhouse: Mickey and Donald Have a Farm, a collection of five episodes from the Disney Junior animated series. One caveat: you're going to be humming "Hot Dog" to yourself all the way into 2013.

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