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TV on DVD: June 4, 2013

by Ethan Alter June 4, 2013 6:00 am
TV on DVD: June 4, 2013

What's that knocking sound? Oh... Walter White is back.

Breaking Bad: The Fifth Season
Rather than give us the final 16 hours in the life of high-school science teacher-turned-Southwestern meth king Walter White (the incomparable Bryan Cranston) in one Netflix-style binge-friendly lump, AMC split them up into eight-episode chunks, with the final batch premiering August 11. While it's nice to know there's still more Bad on the way, the decision did give Season 5 a strangely misshapen feel, with a slow build-up followed by a rush of amazing events followed by an ending that abruptly cut us off just as things were really heating up. On the other hand, the amazing events were really... well, amazing, from that train robbery to Skyler's fully-clothed swim to the departure of a villain we adored. And it's hard to top the finale's cliffhanger, which definitively moves Walter and Hank's chess pieces into place for what will almost certainly be a nail-biting finish. Season 5 may essentially be all exposition, but the payoff is going to be EPIC. Or, at least, it had better be. Let's not have a Lost debacle on our hands, 'mmmkay Vince?
Extras: Commentary tracks on all eight episodes, deleted scenes and outtakes, a timelapse reel depicting the writer's room in the process of breaking the season's fourth episode, footage of the Breaking Bad bowling team taking on the Nerdist crew, three behind-the-scenes featurettes, plus two more exclusively available on Blu-ray.
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Pretty Little Liars: The Complete Third Season
It only seems like yesterday that we bid farewell to Rosewood and its population of ridiculously dressed teenage girls (actually, it was back in March), but we've already booked our return trip since Season 4 is launching on June 11. ABC Family's premiere fashion-forward soap opera got even more cray-cray in its third year, with the arrival of a new, non-Mona "A" and the possible resurrection of the (potentially) divine Miss Ali. We're waiting for the day that PLL can run 52 weeks a year.
Extras: Unaired scenes, a gag reel, webisodes, alternate endings to the season's twelfth episode, "The Lady Killer," and an "A"-exclusive featurette.
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Falling Skies: The Complete Second Season
TNT's answer to The Walking Dead -- with the alien apocalypse subbing for the zombie apocalypse -- kept on fighting the good fight in its sophomore year, which found Tom Mason and the rest of the 2nd Mass, including his sons and lover (and now baby mama) Anne, combating the escalating Skitter menace. As the season begins, Mason himself has had some face time with the unfriendly E.T.'s, while his unit contends with an internal rebellion led by the so-called splinter group, the Berserkers. After Tom returns, the whole 2nd Mass head down south to Charleston, where more potential recruits -- and a new alien race -- awaits. Season 3 kicks off on June 9... don't be left planetside.
Extras: Commentary tracks on select episodes, an animated trailer for Season 2 and live-action teaser for Season 3, three mini-docs and bonus featuretes.

Also on DVD:
The acclaimed Cartoon Network hit Adventure Time: The Complete Second Season slaps another year of highly imaginative, inventively animated episodes on disc. And if that massive Clint East box set hasn't satisfied your Clint appetite, take a bite out of Rawhide: The Sixth Season, Vol. 1 and Rawhide: The Sixth Season, Vol. 2, back when Eastwood was still a young Old West whippersnapper.

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