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TV on DVD: Tuesday, October 22, 2013

by Ethan Alter October 22, 2013 6:00 am
TV on DVD: Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Even on The CW, Nikita is one violent femme.

Nikita: The Complete Third Season
All good -- and semi-good -- things must come to an end, so prepare to bid farewell to the latest iteration of the Luc Besson-created female superspy who is a magnet for complex espionage plots. Despite low ratings, The CW stuck with Nikita for three full seasons, with a six-episode senior year scheduled to start airing in November, which will answer once and for all whether Maggie Q's Nikita comes out on top in her long-standing battle with Division, not to mention clearing her name after that whole "being-framed-as-a-presidential-assassin" thing that closes out this penultimate season. In the meantime, get caught up on all the dense backstory you missed (and enjoy watching Melinda Clarke play an even more devious villainess than Julie Cooper) through the 22-episode Season 3 box set. And prepare for the inevitable Netflix reboot that will probably be streaming your way in 2020.
Extras: Deleted scenes and a gag reel, where the actors get to smile for once.

Primeval: New World -- The Complete Series
The original Primeval, a British sci-fi serial about time-travelling beasties from the past and future paying visits to our timeline and the well-equipped human team charged with stopping them, ran for five seasons and acquired a decent-sized audience… decent enough that the producers thought a spin-off might be a wise idea. Thus, like so many modestly-budgeted genre programs, Primeval went to Canada to launch New World, which at least took place in the Great White North (specifically Vancouver) instead of doubling that setting for a U.S. local. After the picturesque city sees a growing rash of dinosaur-shaped visitors, absurdly rich software inventor Evan Cross (Niall Matter, best known stateside as Eureka's Zane) puts together his own heavily-armed unit to greet these "tourists" the Canadian way: with guns, traps and probably a few bottles of maple syrup. Though it aired in both Canada and England, the spin-off never made the jump to the American airwaves and its cancellation after a single low-rated season means that will almost certainly never happen. So if you need your small-screen, low-budget dino fix and you reside in the lower 48, this three-disc set is your best shot at experiencing the cheesy Canuckness of this not-so-brave New World.
Extras: 13 making-of featurettes and a pair of longer making-of docs.

Kindred: The Embraced -- The Complete Series
Plenty of TV shows have been based on movies, books and other TV shows, but Kindred: The Embraced has the novelty value of being derived from a role-playing game. And not one of those newfangled online RPGs either; no, Kindred is based on Vampire: The Masquerade, an old-school meatspace game that first hit stands in 1991. Produced by Aaron Spelling and premiering on Fox in April 1996, Kindred follows the same general premise of the game, unfolding in a world where vampires divide themselves into "clans" and attempt to pass themselves off as humans in what they call the "masquerade." C. Thomas Howell plays the police detective who stumbles onto the bloodsuckers' little game and becomes a key part in preventing the outbreak of a full-fledged vampire war. Beating Buffy to the air by a full year, Kindred nevertheless failed to spark much viewer devotion and went to its eternal rest after a mere eight episodes. Still, in the ensuing decades, it's acquired a healthy following… healthy enough to get it slapped on a three-disc DVD set that will give fans a legal (and high-quality) alternative to buying third-generation Comic Con bootlegs.
Extras: Since it's being pitched directly at fans, the bonus features are plentiful and comprehensive, ranging from commentary tracks on all the episodes to an extended cut of the pilot, as well as a two-part making-of documentary, deleted scenes and two featurettes. It's all housed in a handsome, faux-leatherbound box set with a special Kindred-themed edition of Book of Nod, the guide to the mythology and gameplay of the RPG.

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