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TV on DVD: Tuesday, February 18, 2014

by Ethan Alter February 18, 2014 6:00 am
TV on DVD: Tuesday, February 18, 2014

And absolutely nothing bad happened to these love birds ever again.

Game of Throne: The Complete Third Season
It was a season of red weddings, missing hands and awesome dragon attacks on HBO's blockbuster fantasy serial, which scaled new creative (and ratings) heights in its third year. Unfolding with the confidence that befits a series just entering in its prime, Game of Thrones successfully juggled its sizeable cast and plethora of ongoing storylines, packing multiple "Wow" moments into every episode and, when necessary, successfully tweaking the source material (George R.R. Martin's yet-to-be-finished book series) to suit this medium. The back half of the season proved particularly eventful as the series approached the aforementioned rose-colored union… the event that those who have read the books have been trying -- or in some cases, not trying -- to avoid spoiling newbies about for three years now. (The good news is that, if Martin continues to put off releasing the next book, we'll all be on the same page in about two more seasons.) Like the rest of you, we're counting the days until our return to Westeros (which happens April 6, for the record), but at least we can mainline Season 3 multiple times before then.
Extras: Cast and crew commentary tracks on every episode (the commentaries featuring the Stark children are a particular highlight), deleted and extended scenes, five featurettes (including one devoted entirely to the Red Wedding), interactive guides to Westeros's various houses and an in-episode guide that provides behind-the-scenes information about the making of each individual installment.
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Beware the Batman: Shadows of Gotham -- Season 1, Part 1
The Dark Knight entered the brave new world of computer animation in the latest Batman animated series, Beware the Batman, which replaced the well-received Brave and the Bold serial on Cartoon Network last fall. That may be one of the reasons (along with quibbles about the animation style and the use of more obscure villains) that Bat-devotees were slow to embrace the show, which struggled through 11 of its 13 produced episodes before being suddenly and unceremoniously pulled from the airwaves. (The remaining episodes are included on this two-disc set, but despite the "Part 1" emblazoned on the DVD cover, there's no word about whether any more have been commissioned.) Kevin Smith, for one, is a big fan, devoting a good chunk of one of his "Fatman on Batman" podcasts to praising the show's creative choices. And there's clearly the makings of a good series somewhere in here. Whether we'll ever get to see it is an open question.
Extras: The un-aired episodes are the discs only bonus feature.

Also on DVD:
Edie Falco's Showtime series Nurse Jackie: Season 5
is now officially one season away from matching the run of her more (deservedly) celebrated HBO series. Dragon Ball Z: Season 2 collects the sophomore year of the after-school anime staple, now remastered in high-def. And finally, Battlestar Galactica: The Complete Epic Series
re-releases the entire run of the '70s flight of the good ship Galactica, with Lorne Greene overseeing the ragtag fleet rather than Edward James Olmos. Not included here, sadly, is Galactica 1980, which you'll have to find separately for your campy sci-fi needs.




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