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TV on DVD: Tuesday, March 25, 2014

by Ethan Alter March 25, 2014 6:05 am
TV on DVD: Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Hail to the Veep.

Veep: The Complete Second Season
Coming off an already-excellent first season, Armando Iannucci's Beltway satire got even smarter, meaner and just plain funnier in its sophomore term, bolstered by the non-stop brilliance of television's best comic ensemble (no matter what the Modern Family-loving SAG Awards says). Highlights of Veep's second year of giving HBO audiences some much-needed laughs after Game of Thrones include Vice President Selina Meyers's disastrous trip to a pig roast, an equally disastrous trip overseas to Finland, a government shutdown and a television puff piece that goes hilariously wrong. (Oh, and then there's also the bit where Meyers walks into a glass door.) Obviously Seinfeld will always be listed first on Julia Louis-Dreyfus's TV résumé, but it's feeling more and more like Veep will become her defining series; every foul word out of Meyer's mouth is comic gold. But even though she's running the show, don't think for a second that she hogs the spotlight -- every cast member, from Tony Hale and Anna Chlumsky to Matt Walsh and Sufe Bradshaw (along with newcomers Gary Cole and Kevin Dunn) provide invaluable support. Just as Thrones is currently HBO's top drama, Veep (which kicks off its third season on April 6 after GoT launches its fourth) is the crown jewel in the network's comedy line-up.
Extras: Cast and crew commentary tracks and deleted scenes.
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Key & Peele: Seasons 1 & 2
Speaking of great comedy, over on Comedy Central the dynamic duo of Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele are regularly putting out a sketch comedy series that's rapidly approaching the level of, "Chappelle who now?" Collecting the first two seasons of their now-three season run (with the fourth to come later this year), this four-disc set catches the uninitiated up on the recurring characters (special shout out to Luther) and viral videos that Key and Peele have been responsible for so far. Now we're just waiting for Broad City's DVD debut…
Extras: None.

Californication: The 6th Season Showtime shows never die… they just keep getting renewed until everyone gets collectively sick of them. (See also: Dexter and Weeds.) Of course, most folks were sick of this David Duchovny-behaving-badly "comedy" Californication after the first season, but the network stuck with it anyway, finally announcing that they'd put it out of its misery when it wraps up its seventh year, which kicks off in April. The show's sixth season kicks off with Duchovny's novelist/screenwriter Hank Moody awakening from an OD-induced coma and bouncing back to rehab, where poor Maggie Grace becomes his latest conquest. (Grace's fellow Lost refugee, Jorge Garcia, almost makes a cameo as a drug dealer). Remember folks -- only one year left. Just close your eyes and think of The X-Files (preferably Seasons 1-4).
Extras: Additional episodes of other middling Showtime series, including House of Lies and Ray Donovan. But not a good one, like, say, Masters of Sex.

Continuum: Season 2
Before the third season of this Canadian-made timecop series begins on April 4, get caught up on all the time travel shenanigans that went down during Year 2, as futuristic police officer Kiera Cameron (Rachel Nichols) continues to adjust to the modern-day "conveniences" of 2012 as she hunts down a terrorist group that intends to alter the course of the future as she knows it. After working with Vancouver's police department for her first season in the past, Kiera has decided to go it alone vigilante style for this batch of 13 episodes, although she does still rely on the occasional assistance from VPD detective Carlos Fonnegra (Victor Webster) in sorting out cases involving cyberattacks and other complicated high-tech weaponry. Enjoy it, Rachel Nichols fans. We'll be over here, waiting for Orphan Black's return.
Extras: Cast and crew commentary tracks on eleven episodes and behind-the-scenes featurettes.

Also on DVD:
Rainbow Dash takes center stage in the 5-episode compilation, My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic - A Dash of Awesome. Travel back in time to the 19th century (and the 1970s in TV years) via the remastered Little House on a Prairie: Season 1, which offers all 24 episodes of the show's first season as well as the original pilot movie, starring Michael Landon as one of the best TV dads ever.




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