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TWoP 10 Shows That Should Have Spinoffs

by Angel Cohn July 25, 2008 7:00 am
TWoP 10 Shows That Should Have Spinoffs

The Office teased us with the idea of a spinoff and then pulled the rug out from under us. We were so hoping it would involve the Intercourse, PA branch and have guest spots with Tobey (speaking of which, did you see that real-life Tobey got married recently? Mazel Tov!) and someone even weirder than Dwight. But alas, we're getting a new show with Amy Poehler from the people who made the U.S. version of The Office that really has nothing to do with The Office. Here's our wish list of shows that should get spinoffs, and some ideas for the writers... in case they're still struggling from writers' strike lag.

1. Lost
If I had written this post two years ago, I would have wanted the Hurley show, or the Charlie show. Now I'm thinking that I want the Desmond and Penny show (a.k.a. The Constant) and follow them all Bourne Identity-style as they get new passports and hide out from her father. I'm betting that Penny can kick some serious ass in order to defend her man, and Desmond would die before he let anything happen to Penny, so I'm sure he could get all MacGyver and get them out of tough situations.

You know Chase and Cameron and Foreman? You know how they used to be important on this show and now they just show up occasionally to spout off a line about why House is so crazy and people shouldn't listen to him? Instead of shoehorning them in, give them their own space -- with their collective knowledge of weird diseases and issues, they can open up a clinic somewhere and solve cases. (Hell, if Izzie on Grey's Anatomy can, how hard can it be?) House can come in and make fun of their little dumpy offices, and they can still visit Princeton-Plainsboro as consultants when Thirteen inevitably messes up.

3. 30 Rock
Speaking of wasted talent, let's discuss Jane Krakowski's Jenna. Originally, the girly show star had a plum gig competing to stay famous, but aside from a few funny moments ("Me want food!") she's underutilized to say the least. So let Jenna go it on her own, have her make a sequel to The Rural Juror or other cheestastic movies.

4. The Paper
So the name The Amanda Show has unfortunately already been taken, but that shouldn't stop MTV from giving Amanda Lorber her own series. She's a fine role model for dorky girls with a dream everywhere. She still thinks that an ice cream social can make the world a better place. How cute is that? Seriously. If they can even consider giving The Hills's vacuous Whitney a show, Amanda should be in contention as well.

5. 24
Two words: Tony Almeida. He's alive! He's dead! He's good! He's evil! He's just plain incredible and the only other person who could easily fill the hefty shoes of one Jack Bauer. Where's Tony been all this time? Inquiring minds want to know, and there is no rule saying that a spinoff can't be set in the past.

6. Ugly Betty
I know you're probably thinking I want to give Amanda and Mark their own show, and while that would be totally fun, my head might explode from the excitement of it all. And the mere idea of following Henry bores me to tears. Instead, I want to see the Christina show. Right now she's integral to the whole Willie/Bradford artificial insemination plotline, but when that's over, the sweet seamstress should get her own show where her husband (who she's trying desperately to save) and she live happily in an odd British neighborhood and she designs clothes and is occasionally visited by Ricky Gervais.

7. Two and a Half Men
I'm not the biggest fan of this show, but I do love Angus T. Jones who plays Jake Harper and is the 1/2 men in the title. Isn't it about time that they send him off to boarding school, where he can be the class clown and regale his roommates with tales about his uncle's revolving door of women? It could be just like A Different World. Oh, and if the school was Hogwarts and he teamed up with the Weasley brothers to pull pranks... let's just say I wouldn't complain, okay?

8. The Shield
I'm still in denial that this show is almost over. But I feel like if she survives, Claudette (played by the perfectly intense CCH Pounder) should get the hell out of the Barn and L.A. and move to New Jersey. Instead of dealing with Armenian mobsters, she can work on busting the Italian mobsters there (I see some Sopranos alums stopping by). She'll have that state cleaned up in no time... as long as there's not another Vic Mackey on her team.

9. Heroes
With this overstuffed show, there's plenty of heroes to choose from. Instead of killing them off when they're done with them, let's take some of the forgotten characters and give them their own show instead! I for one am rooting for an Elle spinoff (given my undying love for Veronica Mars and therefore Kristin Bell, this is not a huge shocker). She and Mohinder solve mysteries together; she's the muscle, he's the brains, and they look for other genetic freaks and supernatural anomalies try and help them use their power for good instead of evil, but sometimes they fight back. It would be like The X-Files, but she's her own built-in weapon.

10. Kathy Griffin: Life on the D-List
I adore Kathy and her quirky assistants, but I really can't get enough of Kathy's mom. The wine-in-a-box swilling Maggie is a hoot and a half. She's game for almost all of Kathy's random hijinks, and she managed to raise five children, so she's got to have some stories. There's even this great station for retirees (Florence Henderson hosts a show on it) that would probably love a reality show starring Maggie.




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