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TWoP 10 Reasons Joss Whedon Fans Should Be Nervous About <I>Dollhouse</I>

We're excited that Joss Whedon put his show on halt when he started seeing poor-quality scripts come across his desk. We're all about making the show not suck... but does a big change before the show even debuts spell trouble for the show? We hope not, because there's not a hell of a lot we enjoy more than watching Eliza Dushku kick people's ass. Unless it is Jennifer Garner or Angelina Jolie kicking people's asses.

1. There's already a stoppage and they already reshot the pilot.
Sure, 24 also went on a self-imposed hiatus to fix stuff this week too but that show hit bottom last year and has nowhere to go but up. Dollhouse is a new show and needs to make a good impression. Even if they make these changes, who is to say they won't have to stop again? If they spend too much time fiddling around with the first couple episodes, will the rest of the season be crap? Or are they hoping it will get easier? Because for the record, it doesn't.

2. Fox killed Whedon's last show Firefly early.
While Fox has recently forgiven the floundering Terminator for a subpar debut season, this is the same network that axed Joss's space western Firefly after only 11 episodes.

3. It's hard to get people to watch good shows.
How many people do you know who actually watch The Wire, Mad Men or Battlestar Galactica? And how often do you hear from people that Lost is just too complicated to keep up with? Whedon's likely to put out an intelligent show about humanity with a sci-fi bent, and the legions of people who only watch procedurals like House may not be up for that.

4. There is no UPN any longer to pick up the show if it gets axed.
When the WB moronically decided to dump Buffy the Vampire Slayer, UPN swiftly snatched up the show and aired an extra two seasons (that just so happened to include the brilliant musical episode.) Now that UPN's been swallowed up by the WB and turned into the network for models and pampered rich people, it seems highly unlikely that they'd pick up a show about memory-free bad girls/prostitutes. It's just not pretty enough.

5. Eliza Dushku is awesome, but Fox also cancelled her cult-fave show Tru Calling.
Clearly, Fox doesn't know how incredibly awesome Eliza Dushku actually is. Her supernatural series made it through 26 episodes before it was canned. Wasn't the best show in the world, but it did have a very vocal fan base. But that's not enough to keep a non-procedural show on the air these days.

6. Sounds like a series about American Girl dolls.
The title is just terrible, and sort of misleading, unless your dirty mind takes you to a cathouse... in which case you are slightly closer. But a google search brings up lots of results for little wooden or plastic toys barbie-like complexes. It may confuse people expecting this to be a lighter, tweenier show.

7. Fox decided to air episodes of Firefly out of order.
Even though Whedon put the halt on production, who is to say that the one mediocre episode (that may or may not have already been shot) won't end up airing as the pilot? Firefly was all over the map, making it beyond taxing for potential fans, even the most loyal, trying to follow the continuing storyline.

8. Fringe debuted to lower than desired numbers.
Sure it is a different show, but J.J. Abrams is a cult fave too, and both shows are getting special "limited commercial" treatment from the network. While Fringe's premiere didn't live up to the hype... all eyes will be on Dollhouse.

9. Amy Acker's a showkiller.
She's one of Joss's favorite girls (he does tend to repurpose them) but her most recent gigs have been on the end of Angel, towards the end of Alias, on the blink-and-you-missed-it Drive and on the short-lived (thankfully) October Road. She's not totally to blame for their demise, but bad luck seems to be following her.

10. It doesn't have Dr. Horrible's NPH in it.
Joss's summer internet sensation Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog had the power of song as well as Neil Patrick Harris. No one can say no to watching the erstwhile Doogie in action... or for that matter Horrible's adorable "good guy" Nathan Fillion. Maybe if one of these two makes a visit to the Dollhouse, some of their magic will rub off on the show. It's gonna need all the good luck it can get.




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