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TWoP 10: Things We Hope Get Answered By <I>Mad Men</I>‘s Finale (But Probably Won’t)

We love this show. We do. And while this season hasn't knocked it out of the park in quite the same way the first season did, it's still better than half the crap that's airing on TV. But honestly, this show leaves us with more questions than Lost. Here's what we're desperate to find out in the finale, but know these secretive sorts behind-the-scenes will probably keep us hanging during the long-long-long wait until Season 3 begins. That's if anything of any consequence actually even happens in the finale. Here's hoping. And fingers crossed that creator Matthew Weiner and the cast get those contracts signed soon so they can actually start making Season 3, when we'll likely be given even more questions and less answers.

1. Will Don ever come back?
Don's been off in sunny California connecting with a free-spirited nomad clan (more upscale than his old hobo pal), visiting real Don Draper's wife and experiencing a rebirth in the Pacific ocean. It's unclear exactly how long he's been gone, but if he's scoping out a job selling custom cars from random guys on the street, that doesn't seem like a guy who is itching to return home any time soon. A lot of this show's unresolved issues rest squarely on his shoulders, so if we don't learn until the last minute if he's coming back (if then, even), there's likely to be an uproar (albeit a small one) from the loyal fans.

2. Will Sterling Cooper's merger happen?
Bertram, his sister and Roger all approved the merger/buy out from Putnam, Powell and Lowe (Don and his absentee voting percentages don't count) and put in a counteroffer, but Duck's been playing both sides of the fence with the guys from PPL and SC telling them what they both want to hear. Could this backfire before the final papers are signed, or will Sterling Cooper next year just be known as PPL's US office? And if it does go through, what exactly does that mean for our beloved existing employees? Will they suddenly find themselves out on the street?

3. Will Duck become Don's boss?
If Don does decide to come back to work at Sterling Cooper and the merger goes through, will he be reporting to Duck? Sure he'll have landed a healthy windfall from the sale of the company, but Duck's stipulation to PPL was that he get to be President and exercise complete control over creative (which is Don's division). Something tells us that if this happens, Don's not going to be cool with the manipulative Duck getting payback for all of the times that Don made him look like a fool.

4. Will Joan dump her bastard fiancé?
Sure he's a doctor, and he's not married to another woman -- two steps in the right direction for the fierce redhead. But he's also a jealous control freak who so whole-heartedly objects to the idea of Joan having a previous life that he rapes her in the only place that she feels in charge. Will the ballsy gal get up the guts to dump the asshole? Or will she suffer quietly? And if the speculation that she's knocked up are true, how will this smart gal looking for her dream life proceed? We're sure if she tearfully admitted to Roger what her betrothed had done, he'd have it taken care of. He obviously still cares about Joan (in his own weird and twisted way) and he just seems like the kind of guy who would know a guy who could make someone disappear. Even a thoracic surgeon with inadequacy issues.

5. Will Betty make an effort to fix her own life?
Betty sure can take the time to destroy her friends' marriages, but when it comes to fixing the things wrong with her own life, she just ignores them. Her dad is dying and suffering from memory loss and her reaction is to leave him for dead. Her husband has been missing for some uncertain amount of time and she doesn't even try to find a way to reach him, or find out when/if he might be coming back. She's already chalking herself up as an orphan and divorcee, instead of actually doing anything. It's not so surprising that she didn't actually look into the history of "Don Draper" to find out that he'd already been married and divorced before she met him.

6. Will Peggy hook up with her priest?
Peggy and Father Gill have been flirting all season (why else would he so politely put up with her family), and while he's a man of the cloth and that's technically "forbidden," Peggy's already had a baby out of wedlock, so what's one more big sin? Her recent comment about how the Catholic church can sell anything makes us wonder if Father Gill is wearing her down. But does he want to absolve her of her previous sin of having sex with a married (or almost) married man, or give her a whole new reason to go to confession.

7. Will child services come and take the Draper kids away?
Mom is an alcoholic suffering from severe depression, and she's got a temper on her. Sally's already been smoking and drinking at age eight. Dad is MIA. Mom also has an odd relationship and slightly inappropriate relationship with the very young boy next door. It's only a matter of time before someone Betty has pissed off (say, maybe Sara Beth, who is pissed that Betty set her up, or her stepmom Gloria) intervenes. Or at least it should be. Someone really needs to step in, before Sally starts having sex for attention.

8. Will Peggy complete her makeover?
Peggy's gone from Don Draper's mousy secretary to a savvy copy writer, landing accounts, standing up for herself and winning her own office. Even Roger's impressed. And while she made a good start in transforming her image, and the haircut from her new gay BFF helped immensely, she could still take a bit more advice from Joan on how not to dress like a Catholic school girl. Just because she's got a brain, and is moving up the corporate ladder, doesn't mean she can't (or shouldn't) look good while doing it.

9. Will Roger marry the irritating Jane?
Oh Roger, he's so easily lead around by strong women. He just can't help himself, going from the bossy Mona, to the take-charge Joan, to the manipulative Jane, he's just one big walking mid-life crisis who can't bear to be alone. Even Bertram's over it. But it is one thing to be pushed around by his wife and demanding daughter, while fooling around on the side, and another to marry an obnoxious 20-year-old who knows how to crank up the tears and use her sexuality to get anything she wants, especially when it could cost him his fortune. Maybe he'll have another heart attack that will knock some sense into him before he heads back down the aisle.

10. Will Pete get fired?
Pete's been a bit of a Debbie Downer since he threw his wife's chicken and adoption idea out the window. He's already convinced he's got one foot out the door at Sterling Cooper. But if Don comes back, he might want to keep around the guy who knows all his secrets about why he ran away. And if Duck takes control, he seems to respect his fellow member in the Don Draper Haters Club. Even though Pete lost an account, there's the possibility he could keep his job. He's probably got a better chance of staying employed at Sterling Cooper than finding out that he's the father of Peggy's love child any time soon.




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