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TWoP 10: Shows Sarah Palin Should Appear On

by Angel Cohn November 14, 2008 6:00 am
TWoP 10: Shows Sarah Palin Should Appear On Rumors are rampant that Desperate Housewives creator Marc Cherry wants Sarah Palin to be on the season finale of his show playing a version of herself. While this may or may not be true... given the source, we got to thinking about some other shows that Mrs. Palin should appear on (when she's not doing her gubernatorial duties). We know she was pretty terrible on SNL, so we've found roles that won't require her to stretch too much.

1. Brothers & Sisters
She could pretty much play herself, only the names need to be changed to protect the innocent. She could have a meeting of some sort with Rob Lowe's Republican Senator McCallister, they could chat about political things, and then she and Kitty could talk about hair and babies.

2. 24
Since she knows everything there is to know about Russia (she can see it from her yard!), we'd cast her as a foreign policy expert who Jack Bauer has to turn to when he's attempting to stop the import of some nuclear missiles from Russia through the Alaskan wilderness.

3. Ghost Whisperer
We're kind of over this show since they killed off our favorite character, so she can't make it any worse. She could be a family member who mostly just has to stand there and stare into space while Melinda talks to the ghost and translates. It'd be perfect.

4. How I Met Your Mother
They took on Britney in the midst of her mess, why not help out Palin after her failed VP bid? Barney would totally try to hook up with her, and it would by hysterical when Palin meets Lily and excitedly tells her that she named her daughter Willow after her, and then asks where Buffy is and then gets all confused when she discovers that Alyson Hannigan is now on a different show.

5. Lipstick Jungle
She can meet up with Brooke Shields' Wendy Healy to talk about getting her life story made into a movie, and offer up her tips for being a pit bull with lipstick... wait.. that show got cancelled? Even better! Let's put her on this one for sure.

6. Grey's Anatomy
Cast her as a patient, preferably one that is unconscious, who has been brought in after a hunting accident (perhaps she'd been hanging with Dick Cheney -- Heyo!) and she needs the doctors at Seattle Grace to save her. She'll have a 50/50 chance of surviving, and probably a better chance of ending up as a lesbian and then kicked off the show.

7. Lost
You know the other Others? The ones on the boat or the island that just stand in the background when Ben or Richard or whomever is talking? Those people? She'd be excellent in one of those roles.

8. Nip/Tuck
It's become a trend for ladies of a certain age to get a little touch up done. So playing a version of herself, she'd head down to LA for a quick little facelift, have a fling with Christian, and head back to Alaska before anyone would be the wiser.

9. America's Next Top Model
There certainly have been stranger judges on this show. And if Tyra has a pageant themed episode (which is bound to happen one of these days), Gov. Palin would be the logical choice to step in and sit next to Miss J.

10. Supernatural
She'd have to play the mayor of a small Alaskan town, where Sam and Dean visit when they get wind of constant Sasquatch sightings. She'd just have to direct the boys to the suspicious townsfolk and then play dumb when they accuse her of setting it up as a publicity stunt.

Thoughts? Let us know.




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