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TWoP 10: Characters Who Should Return to Their Shows

by Angel Cohn January 23, 2009 6:00 am
TWoP 10: Characters Who Should Return to Their Shows

Most of the time we complain about characters on shows that we just hate with a passion and hope would go far, far away. But occasionally shows could be livened up by the reappearance of an old character (and no we don't necessarily mean the dead ghost ones, Denny). Hence the reason we're pretty psyched that George Clooney finally decided to bring back his hunky Dr. Doug Ross to ER (which is the only acceptable reason for them adding on extra episodes) before the show signs off. So we've compiled another list of characters that need to return to their old posts, stat.

1. Carol Hathaway (Julianna Margulies), ER
Hey, they got George Clooney and he's way more famous than Julianna, so it would be nice if she'd return too. Because if Doug makes some off-handed remark about Carol taking care of their kids, it is going to be truly annoying. Plus, their chemistry was one of the things that was so great about the show, a hundred years ago when it started.

2. Addison (Kate Walsh), Grey's Anatomy
Please. Please. Bring her back to Grey's. We're begging here. It was good when she was on. She's being wasted over there on Private Practice barely dealing with patients. Let her put her surgery skills to good use, and bring her back to straighten everyone out. Get Alex away from Izzie. Give Callie a stern talking too about dallying with horrible Sadie. Win. Win.

3. Claude (Christopher Eccleston), Heroes
Invisible man! Cool. Played by a former Doctor from Doctor Who? Geeky cool! Disappearing about as fast as he came? Not so cool. We can't blame him for wanting to hide out from some of the bad storylines and avoid getting his head chopped off by Sylar, but he was kind of awesome, and we'd love to see him make an encore appearance. It might be just what this show needs. Though, we'd settle for Monica at this point too.

4. Libby (Cynthia Watros), Lost
Having dead Ana-Lucia mention Libby in an off-handed comment with no plans at all to bring back actual Libby? Not really nice at all. We've never truly figured out what the deal with Libby and Hurley and the mental institution was, just a little bit of closure is all we're asking for. If they can bring everyone else back in a hallucination/flashback/flash-forward, why not her?

5. Lucas (Michael Weston), House
They finally brought on a new character that we kind of liked and poof, just like that, gone. What the hell? We have to suffer through episode after episode about stupid Thirteen and her battle with Huntington's and her tonsil hockey with Foreman, but they couldn't carve out a few minutes and episode for this truthful P.I. who could match wits with House and had a sense of humor while doing it? Plus, we loved the way that he creeped out Cuddy, and really loved all the dirt he dug up (House as a cheerleader!) It's too bad that his spin-off didn't fly, but we'd love to see him back spying on the staff at Princeton-Plainsboro sometime soon.

6. John Winchester (Jeffrey Dean Morgan), Supernatural
If Jeffrey Dean Morgan is going to be brought back to life on any show after he's dead, it should be this one. Yes, we know he's really dead this time, but at least here if he were walking around as a ghostly apparition it wouldn't be so weird, or gross. In fact, it might be kind of nice to have him haunting Sammy.

7. Henry (Christopher Gorham), Ugly Betty
We miss him. Not his annoying girlfriend and kid issues, but Henry. Sweet nerdy Henry who was just about the most perfect man for Betty. If they could find a way to bring him back, without all the baggage (maybe the baby really isn't his ... this is a soap opera, after all) that'd be appreciated.

8. Brian Dunkleman, American Idol
Sure he was mostly redundant. Sure his teeth didn't gleam as whitely as Ryan Seacrest's. Sure he didn't have the latent sexual tension with Simon. But if they can have four judges, why not a second host? Ryan's got plenty of jobs. He should so learn to share. Besides Dunkleman, who has suffered as the butt of everyone's jokes for the last seven years, can't make this show any more ridiculous than it already is. Oh, and he'd probably be bitter. Which would be awesome.

9.Sid Shapiro (Heavy D), Bones
Remember in Season 1 when the squints and Booth all used to gather at the local Chinese place and get advice from Heavy D's sage bartender Sid Shapiro? Remember? No? Well, neither apparently does the gang since they never go to Wong Fu's anymore and instead frequent an innocuous diner constantly instead. They also forgot their old boss Goodman, but that's a whole 'nother story.

10. Victoria (Ashley Williams), How I Met Your Mother
We're not sure if she's the mother or not, but we kind of liked Victoria, before she ditched Ted for a cake-baking school in Germany. We'd love to see her, and her sweet confections, back on the show again, if only to find out once and for all if this off-again couple ever got back on again.

Your thoughts? Characters you'd love to have back on your favorite shows? Sound off below.




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