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TWoP 10: Reasons Why <I>Battlestar Galactica</I> Is Bowing Out at the Right Time

Don't get us wrong, we're very upset that this landmark science fiction drama is signing off with a two-hour finale this weekend. We've become remarkably attached to these characters, the fine acting, the carefully crafted plots and the brilliant special effects. However, there is an upside to all of it: the show gets to leave on its own terms. While we haven't seen the finale to know how it all turns out and if everything gets resolved, here's why we think it was a good thing that this show knew when to call it quits.

1. Out With a Bang
The show is going out on top. It's the jewel in the Sci Fi (er... SyFy) Channel crown and garners critical praise. Why not go out while the getting is good? It certainly isn't the first show to do it. And while controversial ending of The Sopranos left us unsatisfied, it appears that this three-part BSG finale is filled with lots of emotion, deaths, heroism and explosions... all of the things that we loved about the show when it started.

2. There's An End
If the creators hadn't stamped this show with an end date, who knows, we could have ended up a few seasons down the road with a Farscape scenario, where it might have been yanked from the schedule with no real reason and no real resolution. This way we get to see the original vision of the creators and get some semblance of closure. And answers... we hope.

3. We'll Always Have the DVDs
It's only a matter of time until the complete series is on DVD and we can watch it over and over and over again. Because this show is worth repeat-viewing (except for that one episode with Lee and the hooker ship... which no one needs to see. Ever.) And this crew always makes an effort to put out thoughtful extras to make it more worthwhile. It will be a great way to force the non-believers into finally watching, without them having the excuse of how they'll never catch up.

4. Less Padding
With the end date looming, we weren't subjected to plodding episodes that were there just as filler between the action-heavy ones. No one needed to see a very special five-part arc that was entirely focused on Baltar and his cult where we got to know each and every member and learn their backstories. This way, we got just the right amount of everyone. Which meant that this final half of the fourth season was filled with one jaw-dropping twist and heart-wrenching moment after another. As it should be.

5. No Waiting Game
With its unusual schedule of split-up seasons, if there were to be a fifth season, there's no telling when it would have aired. Could have been six months from now. Could have been two years from now. While the series finale means we don't get another season, at least we're not spending the next year or two of our lives trying to use random clues to suss out this season's perplexing cliffhanger.

6. Recession Proof
Times are getting tough for budgets all around. It would have been majorly disappointing to see the effects of the recession hit this show. Cylon ships might have looked less like The Matrix and more like Spaceballs. All of Galactica's operations would have been run out of the Admiral's quarters via phone. Ships would not have been allowed to use FTL drives or engage in combat. Instead, they all would have been grounded on some random planet, to save on cash. Hell, they might even have had to borrow plots from Muppets in Space.

7. No Extra Cylons
As a way to keep the show going, there could have been increasingly ridiculous storylines where more music from '60s songs was used to reveal that there were actually 15 Cylons... and the other three were living secretly on a tylium ship waiting to be discovered. Or they miraculously could've found a way to keep President Roslin alive, just because Mary McDonnell is such an amazing actress, even though it would make no damned sense in the scheme of things.

8. No Subs Needed
While the cast of BSG always seems thrilled to be working on such a great series, they would have eventually started drifting on to different projects. Which would have left producers to either find ways to write around characters, by killing them off, or shipping them to other ships. "Yeah... Chief? He got transferred to the Gemini." Or they'd be forced to resort to using replacements. "The role of Starbuck will now be played by Ashlee Simpson."

9. Manageable Hair

Much as we love Lee Adama, ever since he left military duty, he's eschewed his clean-cut hairdo. Instead, as each episode passes, his tresses get more and more poofy and wildly out of control. There's apparently a shortage of hair gel, along with toothpaste, on the Galactica, even if it is for the acting president. Season 5 might have brought on a full on 'fro for Apollo. The horror.

10. It's Not Really Over

Just because the mothership series is ending doesn't mean that this series is officially done. The prequel show Caprica is waiting in the wings, and there are rumors of TV movies. So it seems pretty hopeful that this world will live on long after Battlestar Galactica proper signs off. They keep making Stargate series, don't they?

Your thoughts on the show ending? Should the series have kept going longer?




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