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TWoP 10: Shows That Deserve a Movie More than CSI

by Angel Cohn April 23, 2009 6:46 pm
TWoP 10: Shows That Deserve a Movie More than <i>CSI</I>

They are making a CSI movie? Really? That sounds... boring and unnecessary. What could possibly unfold in a CSI movie that couldn't be contained in a regular episode? We didn't even enjoy The X-Files movie and we liked that show. While we'd love to see a Veronica Mars or Buffy or Deadwood movie... or that long promised Arrested Development movie, we've narrowed our list down to ten other shows that are currently on (or aired this season) that could be better on the big screen than CSI.

1. Battlestar Galactica
Let's got back to a time before the finale, back when the Cylons hated the humans and there was lots of fighting! That would make an excellent movie. There's plenty of flashback potential that could wipe away our bad feelings about the ending, or the Caprica pilot and still satisfy our BSG cravings.

2. Supernatural
It is amazing the cool and twisted horror and ghost tales that this show manages to tell on a weekly basis with a TV budget. Given a two-hour time slot and movie money, this could be better than so many of the ridiculous horror movies that constantly flood the theaters. And we'd never complain about seeing Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki larger than life size.

3. 24
We realize that there was already a movie called Die Hard and there really isn't a need for another action movie of this vein... per se. But just think about how awesome it would be see an intense two-hour Jack Bauer film. Torture, explosions and backstabbing... oh my!

4. Chuck
We can't even think of the idea of Chuck not being around on TV anymore, and we'd love to see this Mission: Impossible with a computer nerd live on somehow. What a better place than a movie?

5. Pushing Daisies
The vibrant oversaturated colors and the great cast might have been a bit too quirky for network television, but it could be the next Big Fish, with a guy who can bring dead people back to life.

6. Doctor Who
We're bummed that we only get a few more David Tennant episodes of Doctor Who, and we're wary of the new kid on the block, but who is to say that they couldn't make a big screen version of a fabulous Doctor and Rose adventure? Or Doctor and Donna even? We'd pay money for that.

7. Gossip Girl
It might be a challenge to come up with a plot to fill 90 minutes for this one that doesn't cover the same ground that we've seen a million times already, but it can't be any more boring than the Sex and the City movie. And the fashion would be fabulous. Heck, they could just have Blair and Serena walk a runway for 90 minutes.

8. Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles
The upcoming Terminator: Salvation film looks to be filled with all kinds of cool explosions and plenty of machines, but the show had a lot of interesting plot twists going on that could be explored in movie length. Plus, Summer Glau is way hotter than Christian Bale, can most likely kick his ass and we'd much rather stare at her for two hours.

9. Dexter
This Showtime series is practically crying out for a feature film. They can have one big crime to focus all of their energies on, have Dexter nearly getting caught and lots and lots of blood. There's got to be some book material left that they haven't covered yet.

10. House
If they are going to go the procedural route, let's at least have the big screen film be about this cantankerous doctor, so long as he's got an amazing case (that isn't lupus, naturally) and some of his annoying staff members (Thirteen and Foreman) get left behind. Maybe House interrupts Cameron and Chase's honeymoon and there's an ailing hotel guest? Just a thought.

We were tempted to add a Sookie Stackhouse True Blood movie to this list too, but we're not entirely sure that the movies can handle the fervor of a Twilight and True Blood box office showdown. There might be vampire-fans rioting in the streets and we can't have that.

What other current shows would you like to see movie version of? Or are you actually curious about a CSI movie?




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