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TWoP 10: Reality Show Stars That Should Return

by Angel Cohn June 26, 2009 6:00 am
TWoP 10: Reality Show Stars That Should Return

So many former reality stars go on to other reality shows, and so many of them aren't deserving. Jessica Simpson might have been remotely interesting a few years back on Newlyweds, but we definitely don't need to see her globetrotting to learn about the beauty regimens of women around the world on her upcoming show The Price of Beauty. But there are some stars that we'd like to see again.

1. Dr. Will Kirby
The self-proclaimed Evil Dr. from Big Brother will always be at the top of our list for his own reality show. Yes, he's on Dr. 90210, but he's trying to be nice and show off his plastic surgery skills there; we want him to be the star of his own show and get back to being his mischievous old self. While we'd prefer he be a judge of anything, we'd settle for a Chill Town series with his dopey partner in crime Mike "Boogie" Malin.

2. Christian Siriano
The Project Runway designer introduced the terms "fierce" and "hot tranny mess" into our vernacular, and people are still using them on a regular basis. We need someone to guide us in the ways of fashion, fierceness and pretty much everything. Ideally, he could surprise people on the street, What Not to Wear style and just help the helpless.

3. Britney Spears
Say what you want about those home videos known as Britney and Kevin: Chaotic, but at least Britney looked like she was enjoying her life in them. She was insane and stupid, but at least she seemed like a person. We'd much rather have her every move chronicled than Jon and Kate, because at least she's famous for doing something... at some point.

4. Judd Winick & Pam Ling
The most real Real World stars ever. These two sane beings lived in the explosive San Francisco abode that not only housed the nutbar Puck, but also HIV-positive Pedro Zamora. After the two got married, Judd created a graphic novel about his now-deceased friend Pedro and then went on to become a successful comic writer, while Pam has a job as a doctor. These two seem so damned normal that we'd just like to see how they do it.

5. Tommy Lee
We watched him go to college, now there's got to be another institution that he could conquer. Tommy Lee Goes to Washington to become a senator? With someone as crazy as Tommy Lee, even if it was Tommy Lee Goes to Dunkin Donuts, we'd likely tune in.

6. Rob Mariano and Amber Brikch
Time heals a lot of wounds, and while we were sick of Romber by the time they tied the knot on TV, we kind of miss them a little bit. Shocking. They'd have been fabulous on I'm A Celebrity... Get Me Out of Here!, as they would have taught those whiny celebrities a thing or two about real survival, but since that's over, maybe they could learn to dance with stars, or try to become the next Bear Grylls. The two of them in the wilderness avoiding bears... sounds like good TV to us.

7. Ralphie May
We mostly remember Ralphie from his stint as the plus-size comic on Last Comic Standing, but the dude has lost a lot of weight since that show ended (reportedly from gastric bypass surgery). With all of the weight-loss shows out there, it seems ridiculous to add another to the mix, but a show about shedding unwanted pounds with a sense of humor? That just might work.

8. Taj Johnson-George and Eddie George
We fell for Taj during her time on the most recent edition of Survivor, where this charming singer from the group SWV managed to win over her tribemates and make it pretty far. Then we got to see her interact with her husband, pro-football star Eddie George, and we were smitten. These two had a short-lived reality series on TV One, but we'd like to see these two hit the big time, with their own Hogan Knows Best sort of show, but without the trashy wannabe-pop star daughter.

9. Richard Rubin
Give our favorite of the geeks from Beauty and the Geek his own series -- a dating show, perhaps. Or maybe he could just help educate the dimwitted, like Charm School for the tragically stupid reality rejects. If that trashy Megan can be on like fifteen reality series in a row, then it is high time the geeks got their moment in the sun, and Richard is the right person to start with it.

10. Taylor DuPriest
We've been aching for a Mean Girls-esque reality series, and while NYC Prep sort of fits that need, the villainous Taylor of Kid Nation would be the best in that role. Can you imagine her screaming "Deal with it!" down the halls of a high school? Or perhaps this former nasty 10-year-old is now a reformed 12/13-year old and has to apologize to all those she ever manipulated. Doubtful. Either way, this is one teen (or preteen) we'd actually willingly spend more time with.

That's our list, though if Rocco DiSpirito's mom wants to start her own cooking show, we wouldn't object to that. Add your suggestions below.




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