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TWoP 10: WB Shows That the CW Should Remake

by Angel Cohn August 7, 2009 6:00 am
TWoP 10: WB Shows That the CW Should Remake

At the Television Critics Association summer press tour, The CW honcho Dawn Ostroff recently told reporters that they were considering remaking more classic shows. Well, given how terrible 90210 and the one episode of Melrose Place I've seen are, that seems like a horrible idea. Still, if they're going to go ahead with this, there are plenty of short-lived or underrated shows from the great (and greatly missed) WB network that could make The CW much better than it's been in its short history, and they can do it without ruining our somewhat fond memories of shows like Dawson's, Everwood or Gilmore Girls.

1. Grosse Pointe
This satirical sitcom cleverly skewered teen drama stars, back when America was still recovering from the likes of the original 90210 and Melrose Place. Now that both of those shows are back on the CW, reviving this series would be the perfect antidote. And Lindsay Sloane can come back to play her Tori Spelling-esque character, but now as a mom desperately trying to stay relevant by exploiting her personal live via a reality show and appearing on the show-within-the-show as her now-older character.

2. Sabrina, the Teenage Witch
This show went on way too long, and we never really need to see Melissa Joan Hart talking to a cat again, but now that vampires are all the rage again, witches seem to have disappeared (excepting Eastwick, which is pretty forgettable). It's time for an edgier version of the teenage witch, where Sabrina gets her powers and is tempted to use them for evil instead of good. And forget the laugh track and the bright colors, this would be a dark and twisty hour-long drama.

3. Jack & Jill
This show had a solid cast (Sarah Paulson, Ivan Sergei, Amanda Peet, Jaime Pressly, Justin Kirk and Simon Rex), but it wasn't particularly good. Perhaps it was the cutesy way that Jack was the name of the female lead and Jill was the nickname given to the male lead, or perhaps it just lacked in a little substance. But a show about twentysomethings looking for love in New York City might fit in well in a post-Gossip Girl timeslot, and without showkiller Sarah Paulson it might actually succeed.

4. Birds of Prey
The world could use a strong female superhero series, and since this was such a dud the first time around, a reboot couldn't really be any worse, right? It would be worth a shot, and it might even be better than Heroes.

5. Maybe It's Me
I'm quite possibly the only person that liked the one season of this cute sitcom about a teenager who doesn't feel like she fits in with her family. Her inner monologue appeared via little on-screen pop-ups... OK, maybe in retrospect that's not as cool as it was back in 2001, but at the time Pop-Up Videos were kind of a thing, and it was different. Oh, hell, they could just scrap the pop-up part and just have her blog or something. It would be a great vehicle for a post-Disney/Nick star, and I'd watch... so long as Fred Willard would return to play the father.

6. Zoe, Duncan, Jack and Jane
Another great cast (Selma Blair, a pre-Smallville Michael Rosenbaum, Azura Skye and the kid from Big) in another mediocre show about high school friends. It could be good, if done right, and nowadays quirky oddballs (who are still attractive) are much more appreciated than they were a decade ago. Still, they'd need to get rid of the clunky title, and shortening it to Zoe... like they did last time is not going to cut it.

7. The Bedford Diaries
On paper, this sounded like a great idea -- college students from different walks of life taking a class on sexuality and dealing with it -- but in actuality it was tediously boring. If they could find a way to make it more exciting (and there's got to be a way to make a show about twentysomethings taking a sex-ed class interesting) and cast someone more energetic than Milo Ventimiglia in the lead, the CW could have a hit show on their hands.

8. Summerland
Since Lori Loughlin is completely wasted on 90210 (I constantly forget she's even on that show given her lack of screentime), I say it's time for a Summerland revival. Seriously, this show was set at the beach, featured True Blood hottie Ryan Kwanten, Jesse McCartney, Zac Efron and even Merrin Dungey (who could use a steady job). Lori could still have a big old place, where her nieces and nephews could come visit (the guest appearances alone would be worth watching for), though she'd have to take in some new foster kids or something to keep her house a full one.

9. Jack & Bobby
While we give Greg Berlanti and Tommy Schlamme credit for trying to bring politics to the WB set, they probably should have named it something different. Yes, it was clever to have two brothers named Jack and Bobby and to show glimpses of 2040 when one is president (Bobby) and the other is dead (Jack), but it could have been done with different names and been less intentionally confusing. Instead, might we suggest a show about a young Bill and Al, in which one tries to save the world with recycling while the other who wants to grow up to be Jack Bauer?

10. Kirk
This sitcom was a nicey-nicey show about Kirk Cameron as a grown-up, raising a brood of kids he inherited (sort of like Summerland), but no one wants a nice show with good values. Instead, let's take the title and make this a sitcom with William Shatner (because who wouldn't want that?), where he plays an aged Captain Kirk who is trying to teach his suave womanizing ways to some young Starfleet cadets. They'll travel through space and learn to properly woo intergalactic women. A cameo by John Barrowman, as Doctor Who's Captain Jack, is a must.

Old shows from the WB you'd like to see brought back to life? Sound off below.




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