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TWoP 10: Reality Pairs We’d Like to See on <I>The Amazing Race</I>

It's official: Jeff and Jordan from last summer's Big Brother will be on the upcoming season of The Amazing Race (along with Caitlin Upton, the Miss Teen USA contestant who didn't know why Americans couldn't read maps). Despite the fact that Jordan won BB, these two are an odd choice for TAR since Jordan isn't exactly what you'd call a savvy world traveler, or a very smart person in general. So we're skeptical that they'll make it very far at all (though possibly further than Caitlin) and, much like Romber, it'll be weird to see (minor) celebrities and former reality stars competing against regular folks/aspiring reality stars. If TAR really wants to go that route, why not cast all the teams that way? These would be our dream pairings:

10. Nene and Kim (The Real Housewives of Atlanta)
Kim can't spell anything, Nene doesn't ever wear less than four-inch heels and it would be nonstop wigs falling off and bras missing in action as the two made their way around the globe. And the nonsensical screaming matches would make last season's Dan and Sam look downright demure. If anyone on reality television ever needed their own fish-out-of-water spinoff, it's these two. Together.

9. Kate and Mady Gosselin (Jon & Kate Plus 8)
Technically, people have to be 21 years old to be on TAR, but bitchy little pre-teen Mady Gosselin is wise beyond her years, especially given that she's grown up with those idiot parents. Kate and Mady actually travel well together and we think the two of them just might be able to conquer the world. If nothing else, we'd like to see the horror on Phil's face every time he had to interact with them.

8. Abby and Shay (The Biggest Loser)
These two former contestants had some of the saddest backstories we'd ever heard, and they both deserve to get a chance to put their trimmer bodies to good use. What better way than to explore the world and do crazy stunts? It can't be any worse than having Jillian yell at them.

7. Wes and KellyAnne (Real World/Road Rules Challenge)
Every season of The Amazing Race needs a duo that's embroiled in a troubled relationship but trying to work on their issues. This odd couple definitely have had more than their share of problems and are used to endurance tests. If the producers really wanted to stir things up, they could put them up against their respective exes Johanna and Cohutta for even more drama.

6. Ashleigh and Ryan (So You Think You Can Dance)
This married couple could be both annoyingly irksome and adorable by calling each other "baby" the entire time. But mostly we want to see one of them reach their breaking point and stop being nice and start being real. Though we do wonder if Ryan will do all of the challenges so that his wife can stick around.

5. Christian Siriano and Chris March (Project Runway)
Well, obviously we want these two on the show for the fabulous matching outfits and their cute catchphrases. However, they might not make it past the first road block, and we expect lots of pictures of Chris March falling asleep in various train stations, airports, moving vehicles and even on the Philimination Mat.

4. Taj and Eddie George (Survivor/I Married a Baller)
Taj tried and failed to keep her famous husband a secret on Survivor, but then he made some appearances on the show and we were totally charmed by this adorable couple, so we'd love to see more of them. Taj already survived on next to nothing and they've both got a competitive nature. They'd dominate.

3. Fabio and Stefan (Top Chef)
These two culinary cut-ups would be the comic relief of the season, amusingly bickering their way through many a country and using their accents to charm the locals. Can you even imagine a challenge where they have to take a group through a crowded street? Hysterical. And with their chef's palates, they should be able to stomach some odd things.

2. Ashley and Farrah (Rock of Love Bus)
They've got experience traveling together in less-than-ideal conditions and they would never fail to make us laugh. We're tempted to say that they would run into trouble just trying to read the clues, but Ashley did prove she could at least read the labels on food packaging during that drunken Lean Cuisine stuffed cabbage incident. When in doubt, they'd just flash their boobs at the cab drivers in order to get a better price. No translation necessary.

1. Dr. Will and Mike Boogie (Big Brother)
If CBS wants to put Big Brother stars on the show, it should be Chill Town. Seriously, these two are not only smart, but they're manipulative and know how to play the game. They'd make alliances with all the girls, just do the bare minimum each leg and then coast to the final three where they'd finally step it up. And we'd love every minute of it.




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