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What J.J. Abrams' Past Shows Foreshadowed About 'Lost'

We've seen every program created or produced by J.J. Abrams (yes, even Six Degrees), so in retrospect, we're kicking ourselves for not seeing some of the biggest Lost twists coming head of time. Sure, some elements were obvious from the get-go, but most of these just snuck up on us. You'd better believe we're keeping this in mind when his new spy show Undercovers debuts this fall.

10. That There Would Be A Lot of Shocking Car Crashes
If there is one thing that J.J. Abrams seems to love, it's the out-of-nowhere car collision. He used it on Felicity with a character getting hit by a bus; he used it on Alias a number of times (seriously, we started flinching every time a car passed); and it was used several times on Lost: Michael was hit while talking to his ex, Locke was hit by two cars (three if you count his mother getting hit while Locke was in utero), Sayid's love Nadia was taken out while he was talking to Jacob, Claire's mother was hit and became comatose and Juliet's husband was hit by a suddenly passing bus.

9. That There Would Be a Chubby Guy Obsessed With Condiments
We fondly remember Felicity's Sean and his wacky inventions, especially Smoothaise (his all-purpose condiment). While we can't say that it actually sounded appetizing, it probably tasted better than the Dharma-brand ranch dressing that Hurley was stockpiling.

8. That Someone Would Have Trouble Getting Pregnant
This isn't a new concept, but the fact that there's something about the way the island makes women crazy because they can't bring babies to term reminds us of how Brian's sister Nicole on What About Brian was obsessed with conceiving. Either way, we learned more than we ever wanted to about fertility treatments.

7. That Something Weird Would Come Out of Tunisia
While Lost has the Dharma Initiative, Alias had the inventions of Rambaldi to contend with. Oddly, they both have ties to Tunisia. On Lost, the frozen donkey wheel led travelers (including Ben and a polar bear) to Tunisia, while on Alias, a rare but significant Rambaldi artifact (a clock) was unearthed from the desert in Tunisia.

6. That There Would Be a Secret Half-Sibling
Need a bit of familial drama? One half-sibling coming up. On Alias, Sydney Bristow discovered that her mother had slept with Arvin Sloane at one point and that their union had produced a daughter, who was raised in all kinds of disturbing places. On Lost, Jack learns several times over (depending on the reality) that Claire is his father's secret daughter, who was raised in Australia.

5. That People Would Be Able to Look Like Other People
An evil person taking the dead body of another person so that they could look like them... where have we seen that before? Only about a hundred times on Alias. While Smokey/Man in Black apparently inhabits the bodies of dead people (like Jack's dad and Locke), on Alias there was a special cloning technique that could transform one person into another. That's how poor sweet Francie turned into the Francinator. Often the only solution is killing the corporeal intruder, especially if Anna Espinosa is involved.

4. That Someone Would be Immortal
The key to maintaining that youthful glow for all of eternity? Well, it depends on the show. On Alias, it involved Sloane falling into a vat of mysterious liquid. On Lost, it just meant Jacob granting immortality to Richard Alpert in lieu of bringing his wife back or absolving him of his sins. We kind of like the Alias method better, only because it didn't include hanging out on an island forever.

3. That Mysterious Twists Would Be Abandoned
Sure, Six Degrees boasted a large ensemble of overlapping characters like Lost has, but the other similarity between the two shows was that both introduced magical elements that appeared to hold the key to understanding the storyline - and then abruptly dropped them. Lost told us that Walt was special (and, indeed, he could harness the power of mind-control), but then he left the island with his abilities never explained. Similarly, on Six Degrees, Mae originally had a mysterious box that might have held the clues to her past -- and then the show just stopped mentioning it.

2. That the Numbers Would Mean Nothing
After spending hours looking at the "push-through" letters on Alias and writing them down in an attempt to solve a puzzle that never panned out like it was supposed to, as well as looking for 47's everywhere and trying to figure out their meaning, we should have known better than to get excited every time we saw a combination of 4, 8, 15,16, 23, 42 on Lost.

1. That There Would Be a Flash Sideways
Felicity did it. Sure, her sideways life wasn't caused by a hydrogen bomb exploding, but a magical spell did basically give her a do-over for the past year of her life, which allowed her to choose a different member of her love triangle to see how if things would work out better. It's really just like how Sawyer went from criminal to cop, if you think about it.

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