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TWoP 10: Shows That Would Be Improved With Zombies

by Angel Cohn November 12, 2010 6:00 am
TWoP 10: Shows That Would Be Improved With Zombies

AMC recently cancelled the glacially paced Rubicon, but at least their new show The Walking Dead is off to a great start, with ratings that dwarf anything in the network's history (not to mention plenty of shows on bigger channels). Perhaps if they'd tossed a few undead characters on to Rubicon, it would have gotten a second-season pickup. In fact, almost any program could benefit from an infusion of zombies. Here's our wish list:

10. American Idol
Oh wait, they already hired Steven Tyler. They're all set on the walking dead front. Nevermind.

9. America's Next Top Model
You just know Tyra would be like, "Now that look, that is high fashion." She'd throw one of the pale undead girls on the cover of Italian Vogue in a heartbeat, and Andre Leon Talley alone could feed starving zombie models for weeks.

8. Life Unexpected
The future for this show is bleak, so what do they have to lose? Besides, Cate has at least an 80 percent chance of being more interesting as a zombie than she is as a human.

7. Jersey Shore
Gross undead creatures with pale complexions could benefit from following a gym, tan, laundry regiment. It would surely improve their appeal. Though, on the other hand, they might starve as there is little in the way of brains for them down to feed on in Seaside.

6. Boardwalk Empire
The show could use a little... excitement. Zombie mobsters might be just the ticket. We wouldn't be all that brokenhearted if Lucy were the first victim.

5. The Office
Given the inconsistent quality of recent seasons, an undead character could be a welcome addition. We'd suggest that Mose get turned (you never know what kind of chemicals he might have encountered on the beet farm), but we suspect Dwight would make him his pet, Shaun of the Dead-style, fairly quickly. Perhaps having Michael eaten by a zombie would be a good way to write him off the show.

4. Survivor
Let's make this reality show's title literal. Think you are safe at camp? Not so fast. Outwit, outrun and outlast... and when in doubt, throw someone like NaOnka in the direction of the hungry hordes. They'll either kill her or she'll confuse them so much with her random outbursts and bizarre behavior that they'll go into hiding.

3. Gossip Girl
Jenny Humphrey: zombie. Vanessa Abrams: zombie. It would explain so much, particularly their lack of attention to their hair.

2. Detroit 1-8-7
This show is actually really good, so we'd love for it to stick around. If Detroit suddenly gets overrun by zombies instead of drug-dealers, would that really ruin the show? We don't think so.

1. V
Mostly we want to see who would win in a fight, human zombies or reptilian aliens. Let the war ensue.

And if you want to see what would happen if Big Brother got zombified, check out the UK's Dead Set, which recently aired on IFC. It's pretty funny/gory. And list off your other zombie invasion dreams below.

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