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TWoP 10: Characters We'd Like to Regift (The 2010 Edition)

It's that time of year again, when one person's (or network's) trash can become another's treasure. But instead of taking our chances on a Yankee swap of some of TV's most interesting characters, we're just going ahead and repackaging these folks and shipping them off to new homes where they might actually be appreciated.

10. Leo Nash (Undercovers)
There wasn't much to like about Undercovers, but it did introduce us to this charming and entertaining spy. It'd be a shame for such a personality-filled character to go to waste, so we want to transfer him to Division on Nikita. He's far more compelling than Michael and we'd love to see him go toe-to-toe with Maggie Q.

9. Lafayette Reynolds (True Blood)
It may seem a little too obvious to take Lafayette from one vampire show to another, but we've got a hunch that if he was on The Vampire Diaries, he'd actually get the screen time he so richly deserves. He could easily move from the screwed-up Bon Temps to the quaint, but also screwed-up, Mystic Falls. That crappy "Grill" place they always frequent could probably use a new chef, and we really would love to see Lafayette trade witty barbs with Damon. And perhaps Katherine needs a V supplier?

8. Oliver Queen (Smallville)
We're counting down to the end of Smallville since that show is just a terrible mess. However, Oliver Queen (a.k.a. Green Arrow) is pretty damned awesome, so let's put him on a show where he can actually fight crimes we care about. The new series The Cape might be just the place for him.

7. Miss Blankenship (Mad Men)
Yes, she's dead, but that doesn't mean she's not still useful. Can you say zombie receptionist on The Walking Dead? Even walkers could use someone to pick up their calls. Old habits die hard.

6. Tabatha Coffey (Tabatha's Salon Takeover)
We've seen Tabatha take on some chaotic salons, but she'd really have her hands full with the folks at the Gatsby from Jerseylicious. With all of the inappropriate and unprofessional behavior taking place there, Tabatha could do an entire season's worth of shows at this one location, though even she would probably trouble reining in perma-orange rivals Tracy and Olivia.

5. Eric Daniels (Life Unexpected)
He's a hot young teacher who has been having an inappropriate (and illegal) relationship with a student so, clearly, this character is meant to find a new home on Glee. Just picture it: new English teacher arrives at McKinley, sees Quinn Fabray and is instantly smitten (especially since she isn't always wearing ridiculous hats).

4. Daphne Powell (No Ordinary Family)
We'd like to send Daphne and her mind-reading powers to Pretty Little Liars, where she can use her abilities for good - or evil. We want to know who A is, and she'd be able to figure it out fairly quickly. But then again, she could also discover everyone's dirty little secrets and team up with A for some good old-fashioned psychological torture. Either way, she'd be better off than on her current show.

3. Dan Patch (Hellcats)
He's an awful, disgusting slacker and we can't figure out why Savannah and Marti are both interested in him. We'd ideally love to ship him off to One Tree Hill, which would allow us to pretend he doesn't exist - just like OTH itself.

2. Barb (Cougar Town)
Barb is fantastic and over-the-top on Cougar Town, but the show hardly takes advantage of her, and that's a true shame. So for Christmas, we'd like to send her to the barely tolerable Hot in Cleveland so that she can show those sassy old ladies how sexual innuendos are really done.

1. Hank Dolworth (Terriers)
We're still reeling over the untimely demise of the smart Terriers, so maybe it's time for that show's lovably flawed central character to pack up shop and move from San Diego to Hawaii. Once there, the unconventional detective can join the rebellious Hawaii Five-0 team to solve crimes. If nothing else, Donal Logue is overdue for a hit drama.

See our list from last year and let us know who you'd like to regift.

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