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TWoP 10: Actors Who Should Return to Their Shows

by Angel Cohn February 18, 2011 6:08 am
TWoP 10: Actors Who Should Return to Their Shows

The internet recently went wild with the news that Michael Rosenbaum (a.k.a. Lex Luthor) would be returning to Smallville for the season finale. Now, for the first time in years, we're genuinely excited about an episode of that show. So with that in mind, we got to thinking about some other actors and actresses who we wish would find their way back to their former series for at least a guest appearance, even if they've already moved on to new roles.

10. Joe Manganiello, How I Met Your Mother
He's currently giving a hair-raising performance as Alcide on True Blood, but that's a summer show and we need a year-round Manganiello fix. Particularly since this former pal of Marshall's was one of the few friends outside the regular group we actually liked. Hey, he even took a punch in the face from Barney! If he can survive that, a return trip to MacLaren's should be no problem.

9. Mandy Patinkin, Criminal Minds
When last we saw Patinkin's Jason Gideon, he had taken off after a tough case, leaving his badge at a cabin. It's been years since then, so he should be done with his soul-searching or whatnot by now. Let him come back so we can at least get some resolution on what happened with the character. Or bring him back for a tough case that only he can crack.

8. Jennifer Morrison, House
We haven't seen Cameron since she returned to Princeton-Plainsboro to get her divorce papers signed by Chase (and subsequently had some breakup sex with him) and that's a shame. Perhaps some hospital higher-up will finally see how wildly inappropriate House and Cuddy's relationship is and hire back Cameron to take over Cuddy's job, especially now that she's got more backbone than when she temporarily took the gig the first time.

7. Yin Chang, Gossip Girl
Much as we'd love to see the crazypants known as Georgina Sparks again, we most desperately miss Nelly Yuki. Could she get a job at W and make Blair's life a nightmare? Or something? Anything? This show is in desperate need of an injection of some truly cliquey behavior. It's been a while.

6. Stephen Tobolowsky, Glee Sandy Ryerson sure was fun -- until they completely forgot about this possible child molester/avid shopper/musical theater maniac/drug dealer. So much potential, and we're still curious about exactly why he was in Rachel's "Run, Joey, Run" video. What's the story there?

5. Eric Millegan, Bones
Zack's technically still institutionalized after that whole accessory-to-murder thing that baffled us and mostly soured us on the entire show. But every once and a while, he pops up in a flashback or in a fantasy sequence. We'd like to see some more of that so we can remember Zack as a sweet guy instead of as a serial killer's right hand man.

4. Dean Winters, 30 Rock
Because you can never get enough of New York's last beeper salesman. He's gross, kind of a mess and a complete manchild. We're still not sure why Liz Lemon doesn't think that qualifies as good dating material.

3. Paula Abdul, American Idol
Live to Dance is presumably dead, so Paula needs something to before she starts collecting MC Skat Kats and giving them all cute names and ending up on Celebrity Animal Hoarders or something. Let her come back to Idol as a guest judge, because while it was disgusting to see her and Simon playfight, it would be a whole new level of horrifying to watch her in a diva-off with J.Lo while trying to flirt with Steven Tyler. And by horrifying, we mean awesome. (No, she's not officially an "actor" like everyone else on this list, but we would like to think that her on-screen persona is at least a little exaggerated. For her sake and ours.)

2. Dana Delany , Desperate Housewives
Katherine Mayfair was possibly one of the best things to happen to this show in a long time and, of course, just when things got interesting, she up and moved off Wisteria Lane. Her ostensible reason was that she was running away with her lesbian stripper girlfriend Robin, but really, she left for Paris because she was afraid of the judgmental Housewives. Hopefully, by now she's learned to stand up to those bitches and can come back.

1. Bryan Batt, Mad Men
God, we miss Mr. Salvatore Romano. When he was fired from Sterling Cooper for not having sex with a client, it really sucked all around. We wish that he and his adorable little beard of a wife could find a way to return to the show so they can host many more intensely awkward dinner parties. Perhaps Sal could get a job at another agency and have a run-in with Don? Or maybe he could crash Don's sure-to-be horrible wedding.

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