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TWoP 10: Summer Shows We Never Thought We'd Watch

by Angel Cohn July 22, 2011 6:00 am
TWoP 10: Summer Shows We Never Thought We'd Watch

We have to admit that during the year, we are very hard on shows (it's our job!), but in the summer, there are only a handful of series like Breaking Bad and True Blood that are Emmy-worthy. To get us through these barren months, we've got our reality staples like Big Brother and So You Think You Can Dance, and teen guilty pleasures like Pretty Little Liars and Degrassi, but that's not enough to fill our DVRs. So, we routinely lower our standards to discover some shows that might not be must-see during the regular season, but are tolerated -- and maybe even appreciated -- in the summer television doldrums.

10. Love in the Wild
Both this show and The Challenge have people hooking up randomly, being paired in teams with someone they don't necessarily like and doing outrageous things in Costa Rica. However, Love in the Wild does this with uncharismatic people who are tediously boring. This could have been the next Paradise Hotel, but instead we fight to stay awake... and yet we're still watching.

9. NY Ink
We enjoy the Ink shows in general -- we've watched NY Ink star Ami James since Miami Ink -- but these often air on over-crowded evenings and we catch-as-catch-can with episodes in reruns. Recently, however, we've had the luxury of being able to watch this installment as it unfolded (and we plan to do the same with the trainwreck that will be Kat Von D and Jesse James on LA Ink). We've enjoyed the fighting almost as much as seeing the intricate tattoos.

8. Entourage
Formerly on our must-watch list, over the years this one has fallen off, but we're sort of excited for the final season, so it will make the cut as we watch Vince and the boys act ridiculous for a few more episodes.

7. Roseanne's Nuts
We might have found time to watch an episode out of curiosity, but we certainly wouldn't have stuck around for multiple episodes to see the comedienne shooting at pigs, destroying trees and forgetting to wear underwear.

6. Teen Wolf
This show has actually gotten halfway decent, and if it had debuted in September, we'd have likely written it off after its subpar pilot. Instead, it's become one of our guilty pleasures. Any show that has an entire episode that just features teenagers running around trapped in a high school while being chased by a vicious killer is OK by us.

5. Masterchef
Hell's Kitchen-lite isn't really compelling television, it's sort of akin to The Next Food Network Star (which we've also been tuning into for no good reason). These "at-home" non-professional cooks are dull and lack pizazz (except for Suzy, who knows how to bring out the self-confident bitchiness that competitive reality truly needs). But still, we'll tune in regularly to see Gordon Ramsay cut someone down with comments about their food looking like the contents of a colostomy bag.

4. The Nine Lives of Chloe King
Much like Teen Wolf, this show would have been eliminated from our DVR list after the first episode. But we gave Chloe King a second chance and kept watching. It's not as addictive as Pretty Little Liars, but a good mindless way to wind down on a Tuesday night. They eat pancake and bacon sandwiches sometimes. It's fascinating.

3. Rizzoli & Isles
Angie Harmon and Sasha Alexander have great hair, there are fantastic shoes and there's a pet tortoise for some reason. Did we mention this is a show about cops and an ME? An ME who likes to eat in her exam room? It's quirky and fun, but hits with the drama when you least expect it. At least it's more balanced than say, Harry's Law.

2. Storage Wars
How do we spend an entire day sitting and watching adults stare into dusty dirty spaces to buy what's likely garbage for inordinate prices during marathons of this show? It's a true puzzle. But from Dave's annoying bidding tactics, to Barry trying to justify spending hundreds of dollars on a worthless trunk, to Jarrod and Brandi's bickering... we're completely hooked. On a show about opening storage lockers. And sifting through trash. Yes. Really.

1. Hawthorne
This show features the acting talents of Marc Anthony, and that's not even the most ridiculous thing about it. It's a medical drama but mostly involves Jada Pinkett Smith's title character just stomping around and yelling at people, and caught in one awful situation after another... when she's not caught in sexy love triangles. There's a lot of insanity here, and it makes about as much sense as Nurse Jackie sometimes, and plotlines are forgotten... but yet we just can't quit this show. Behold the mysterious allure of Michael Vartan and his puppy dog eyes.

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