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TWoP 10: Wealthy TV Characters <i>Revenge</i>‘s Emily Thorne Should Target Next

We've been hooked on Revenge since the pilot episode, loving the amazing different ways that Emily/Amanda (with a little help from Nolan) takes down rich, corrupt Hamptonites each week. But eventually, she's going to run out of people who have personally wronged her and is going to have nothing to do with her time and money. When that day comes, we'd like to see her continue enacting vigilante justice against these other wealthy TV characters.

10. The Bernards (The Office)
How can you be mean to Andy? It's like kicking a puppy. These uppity people burn through hoity-toity garden parties and movie tickets for one of their sons, while belittling the other. Maybe Emily doesn't need to have them killed... just ostracizing them from their socialite friends will do.

9. Michael (A Gifted Man)
He's begrudgingly helping underprivileged people, but only when he's badgered into it by his dead ex-wife. The clinic is also in constant need of money and he's got plenty, but doesn't seem eager to shell out any of it. Now that he's aware of how the uninsured live, he could be doing much more. If he doesn't, we'd like to see Emily take him out and move into his amazing apartment.

8. Nucky (Boardwalk Empire)
He's responsible for the death of many, many people and happily extorts money from everyone possible for his own benefit. Em's going to have to go back in time to take him down, but once she gets there, she shouldn't have too much trouble as he's easily won over by a pretty woman with a sob story.

7. Siobhan (Ringer)
We don't know the full extent of her wrongdoings yet, but we're pretty sure her drug-addicted ex-stripper sister comes out smelling like a rose by comparison. Shiv's faked her own death, stolen money and has been a total raging bitch to her stepdaughter and pretty much anyone else she ever crossed paths with... and that's just for starters.

6. Gaby Solis (Desperate Housewives)
Her crime (aside from a grating personality) is covering up the fact that her husband is a murderer by making all of her friends accessories to the crime. She also has plenty of lying and adultery under her belt. And we're sure there's at least one person on Wisteria Lane who would pay to see her dead.

5. Peter Florrick (The Good Wife)
Guilty of adultery, he's also a political figure, so there are likely a lot of skeletons in those closets that Eli has helped to hide. And he's just a smarmy jerk. Someone needs to wipe that smug look off his face... and since Kalinda won't do it, Emily will have to show her how it's really done.

4. Stefan (Vampire Diaries)
You can't get more Old Money than this murderous demon who didn't earn his Ripper nickname simply by breaking hearts. And unlike some other young women we can think of, Emily won't be fooled by his romantic side.

3. Derek Shepherd (Grey's Anatomy)
He's rich enough to afford a contractor to construct a giant house in Seattle, but thinks he's so perfect that he decides to build the deck himself... and then does it wrong? Yeah, that's the kind of person we're dealing with here. He's rude to his wife (who has a number of her own faults) and his dismissive behavior sent the spouse of a patient on a shooting rampage, killing several innocent people.

2. Lily (Gossip Girl)
She had a man sent to jail and ruined a great deal of his young life and her only punishment was being confined to an expansive posh pad for a few months. Plus, she's guilty of at least 100 counts of child endangerment.

1. Walden Schmidt (Two and a Half Men)
He's far too old and far too rich to behave like a child. And he's the reason we're stuck with more of this show. May Emily seduce him and then send him to the watery grave that he wanted in the first place.

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