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TWoP 10: Shows That Should Have Holiday Episodes (But Won't)

Sitcoms get to have all the fun during the holidays, leaving dramas out in the cold when it comes to warm and fuzzy (and sometimes bloody) winter episodes. There are a handful of scripted series we'd love to see celebrate the season with themed episodes, and we're so convinced of their potential that we've even come up with suggested plotlines for them. You can thank us after New Year's.

10. Ringer
We hear Paris is absolutely lovely in the winter, so what better time or place for our Buffy twins to reunite than during a light snowfall in front of the Eifel Tower? And since the holidays are a time for forgiveness, peace and understanding, maybe Bridget can tell Andrew that she's not actually Shiv and instead of freaking out and losing his mind, he can accept her and love her back. Also, Henry and Olivia can get stuck outside and freeze to death.

9. Hell on Wheels
The show's set in the wilderness where the indigenous peoples aren't exactly what you'd call friendly (and who can blame them?), but perhaps everyone could put aside the differences, or at least stop the scalping and killing for the day, and eat a lovely meal prepared by Doc's personal chef. Even the whores could use a day of rest.

8. Breaking Bad
Considering that the next season is the series' last, we would love to see Vince Gilligan write a Christmas in Albuquerque episode. Jesse could be visited by Jane, incarnated as the Ghost of Christmas Past, while Saul could display a cheesy light-up menorah in his office and Mike could spend quality time showering his adorable granddaughter with gifts before killing another army of thugs.

7. The Vampire Diaries
You think your family is crazy? Just imagine getting the Salvatore, Gilbert and Lockwoods together to share a peaceful Thanksgiving meal together at Stefan and Damon's spacious home. It would sure beat the umpteenth Founder's Day celebration. They could all have a big festive meal with warm cups of blood bank O Positive served up next to the traditional turkey.

6. Grimm
The latest beast to infiltrate Portland, Oregon: A killer who shoves its victims full of sugar cookies and then down chimneys. Nick Burkhardt is about to find out that Kris Kringle wasn't exactly a jolly fat man who generously gave free toys to the world's children, though he'll need the help of Bludbot Monroe to crack the case because, after all, he is a complete idiot.

5. Revenge
It seems to be eternally summer on this show, but there is such a thing as Christmas in July. Emily could put up a tree and hand out tastefully designed listening devices as gifts to all of the Hamptons residents. She could even stage a charity event to help out the less fortunate -- you know, those unfortunates like Jack, who don't make millions of dollars while they are sleeping.

4. Game of Thrones
Christmas is coming and the Stark family can spend an episode distracting themselves from war by decorating Winterfell and throwing the holiday feast to end all feasts. Over at the Wall, Jon Snow and company could carol through the woods to distract themselves from White Walkers. Tyrion Lannister could celebrate with the whores while Jamie and Cersei could celebrate with... each other. And don't get us started on how cute it would be to see Daenerys' little baby dragons posing for pictures in front of a tree.

3. The Walking Dead
This ragtag group of morons could use some sort of Christmas miracle, so while driving, they could discover a mysterious small town that isn't on any map. It is free of walkers, there is snow in Georgia and Carol gets her fondest wish and Sophia is returned by a kindly stranger that just happened to spot her stumbling along the road. And Merle is there in a Santa hat. And then everybody wakes up.

2. Person of Interest
Flashback to about two millennia ago where Finch's great great great great great (you get it) grandfather ran a little inn in Bethlehem and helped Joseph and Mary raise their son. Yes, this would just be an excuse to get Jim Caviezel to reprise his role from The Passion of the Christ.

1. Sons of Anarchy
It's not a show known for its sentimentality, what with all the murdering and gun-running going on, but given that we've learned this season that outlaw bikers may have issues about members with, shall we say, non-Anglo Saxon bloodlines, it would be a fun twist for Clay to find out that he's Jewish and even more fun for him to use his presidential bully pulpit to convince the rest of the club to celebrate the miracle of Hanukkah. Talk about eight crazy nights!

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