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TWoP 10: TV Things We're Thankful For This Season

by Angel Cohn November 23, 2011 6:42 am
TWoP 10: TV Things We're Thankful For This Season

We're supposed to take time this week to reflect on the things in life that we're truly grateful for, and for us, not surprisingly, that includes plenty related to television. Here's what's made us the happiest this season:

10. Extreme Couponing
This show has exposed us to a whole subculture of (mostly) women who take clipping coupons to the next level. Never did we imagine that it would be so captivating, but watching them get hundreds of dollars of toiletries and disgusting foods for next to nothing is infinitely fascinating. Plus, it's taught us how to apply those money-saving techniques to our own lives... once we have eight hours free to spend at the grocery store. And the show just keeps on giving, as they've found a way to make it competitive for next year.

9. The Sucklord
He may be off of Work of Art, but the wondrous little geek who specializes in creating subversive Star Wars toys (among other things) completely charmed us. This holiday, we're grateful for the time that we did get to spend with him and hope he shows up again on TV really soon.

8. Margo Martindale
After her brilliant (and Emmy-winning) character reached an untimely end on Justified, we were so pleased to see her quickly find new work on A Gifted Man. At first the show didn't give her much to do, but recently she's had some substantial material to work with, and we're glad that the producers finally acknowledged the talent they had on their cast.

7. Less Diner Time on 2 Broke Girls
We enjoy watching this sitcom, but frankly, we could do without the stereotypical characters that work at the diner. We're grateful that the show has focused more on the two titular girls and their apartment life, though we'd love to see the skeevy chef and the ridiculous owner phased out completely in the new year.

6. The Sudden Resurgence of Model UNs
Both Community and Parks & Recreation spotlighted civic-minded role play, and we applaud their use of something so quaint and educational for comedic purposes. Perhaps Modern Family's Alex can participate in one next?

5. The Walking Dead's Daryl
He's been the only bright spot in an otherwise terrible season of the show, whether he's searching for a missing girl, hunting squirrels, believing in the Chupacabra or saving T-Dog's life. And we love him even more for hallucinating about his brother Merle, our other favorite character on the series. We're sure glad that Andrea's aim was off with that shotgun.

4. Chuck Ending Soon
It is nice that it was given half a season to wind down its storylines, but the series is a shadow of its former self... and that's being generous. The first few episodes this fall were almost unwatchable, so we're glad that the end is in sight, giving us the chance to possibly salvage our fond memories of the Buy More.

3. Hawaii Five-0
This series is mostly procedural, but we don't mind. It's got a great cast, keeps working in some fun supporting stars (Terry O'Quinn and Masi Oka) and epitomizes a satisfying guilty pleasure. And every once and a while, it hits a really gut-wrenching emotional level, like it did with the recent North Korea episode.

2. Suburgatory and Awkward Getting Teens Right
Most sitcoms about teens come across as stilted and unrealistic, but Awkward really captures the outsider mentality and the desperate desire to be popular, while Suburgatory shows how impossible it is for a fish out of water to adapt to a weird new world. Both shows come across as genuine and are genuinely funny to boot.

1. Revenge
We've loved this freshman series from the minute we saw the pilot, but we were worried that audiences wouldn't find it and that ABC would cancel it prematurely. So we're beyond thrilled that this addictive murder mystery has actually become a hit for the network, which means we'll get to see Emily/Amanda wreaking havoc on the lives of deserving Hamptonites for a full season at least.

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