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TWoP 10: Resolutions For TV Shows (The 2011 Edition)

by Angel Cohn December 29, 2011 1:42 pm
TWoP 10: Resolutions For TV Shows (The 2011 Edition)

We offered our New Year's resolutions for shows last year, but most of them didn't pan out. Guess that's the problem with resolutions in general. Here's hoping that more of these shows stick to the suggestions we've carved out for them in the coming year.

10. Work It -- Be Cancelled Quickly
Bosom Buddies might have been somewhat adorable back in the day, but cross-dressing is a gimmick that should not be revived. This ABC "comedy" looks absolutely atrocious, and we're only hoping that it's so appallingly bad, it swiftly gets removed from the airwaves.

9. Chuck -- Go Out on a High Note
The show has been a mishmosh of mostly terrible plotlines this season, which is not at all what we expected from the final season of this once-great series. So if Chuck can find a way in the new year to turn itself around for the few remaining episodes and end with something as exciting and adorkably wonderful as the pilot, we might be inclined to forgive some of the idiotic plots we've been subjected to.

8. American Idol -- Be More Interesting Than X Factor
That shouldn't be too difficult, actually. We were hoping that X Factor would be the thing that put Idol out of its misery, but that show was fairly terrible. So now we're just hoping that Idol can make its mission to be halfway compelling with its contestants.... And maybe doesn't let any of them make up their own raps.

7. House -- More Charlyne Yi
House is a shadow of its former self and still largely terrible, but we've been surprisingly intrigued by the addition of Park this season. We like her awkward, stand-offish performance far better than Taub or Chase. We'd like more of Yi, but we're skeptical about the possible "romance" that's developing between her and Chase.

6. Dance Moms -- Bring Back Crazy Cathy
This show is terrible and yet we can't look away from it. But what made the first season compellingly awful was the inclusion of Abby Lee's "nemesis" Cathy. That woman was self-centered and delusional in a way that you just don't see every day, but the posters for the forthcoming Season 2, don't have Cathy included in them. A brief check-in with Candy Apples is definitely a must.

5. Walking Dead -- Get Off the Farm
In the comics, we spent only a brief amount of time at the farm. On the show, we've been stuck there for half a season. We're tired off all those people and the limited zombie action. We hope that they find a way to get Rick and his pals back out on their quest and in the midst of more herds of zombies.

4. The Amazing Race -- Be More Original
We've gotten to the point of the race where we've seen all of the challenges at least once, if not multiple times. Hell, they rode bikes three times this season alone. We'd like to see some outside of the box challenges (i.e. More bunny racing, less indoor bungee jumping) or some bizarre destinations or some more diverse personalities.

3. Once Upon a Time -- Spend More Money on Special Effects
The show is a fanciful fairy tale, but its special effects are fairly preposterous. If the show is going for fantasy, they should make an effort to beef up the look of the magical world, so it at least looks seamless and we don't laugh out loud when we see the trolls.

2. Community -- Come Back... However Possible
Some of the fate of this show rests on the programming staff at NBC and the lack of viewers, but the series could take advantage of its forced hiatus to somehow find a way back on the airwaves, be it via fan letter writing campaigns or personal pleas to the powers that be, or even going door to door showing everyone the brilliant Glee parody. Whatever it takes.

1. Survivor -- No More Hantz's
We know that Probst thinks it's a genius idea to have a whole season where Russell and Brandon Hantz face off against each other, but the mere idea give us hives. Let's put a stop to this nonsense, before it becomes an actuality. There's not a single good thing that can come from that season.

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