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TWoP 10: Celebs We Want Back on <I>Dancing With the Stars: All-Stars</I>

Mario Lopez recently spoiled that there was going to be an all-star season of Dancing With the Stars. We presume that means that Mr. Lopez will be among the returning competitors, though we can think of others we'd love to see again from the hundreds who have been on the show (some because of their talent, others for pure entertainment value). We're excluding previous winners (since they may have an unfair advantage), much as we'd enjoy watching Drew Lachey and J.R. Martinez again.

10. Kelly Monaco
Yes, she was a winner. But it was during the lame first season. We mostly want her back to see if she could hang with the big boys (and girls) who can really dance.

9. Carson Kressley
Because an all-star season wouldn't be complete without his fashion sense and whimsical personality. And maybe this time the show would be brave enough to give him a male partner.

8. Harry Hamlin/Lisa Rinna
We liked the husband and wife enough the first time around, but the real reason we want them on the show again is so they'll stop doing commercials for adult diapers. It's really depressing.

7. Cloris Leachman
She was wild and outrageous and we really were alternately fascinated and horrified by her dances. We'd like to see if she can step up the crazy her second time around.

6. Kim Kardashian and/or Rob Kardashian
We'd like Kim back because she's so ridiculous, and Rob because he oddly charmed us with his own big butt. And there could be a serious sibling showdown. Who would Kris root for?

5. Bristol Palin
This show could always use more buzz, but Bristol actually became likable and a solid little dancer over the course of her run. We genuinely would want her back.

4. Mel B
We loved her fierce self, and it would be great to see her and Maks back together on the dance floor. They were hot and an all-star season wouldn't be complete without the two of them knocking heads..

3. Chaz Bono
He was one of the most controversial competitors in the show's history, but just when he actually started to get the hang of dancing (well, a little bit), he was sent home. If given enough time to train, he'd probably make some vast improvements.

2. Misty May-Treanor
Her run on the show got cut short by an injury, but we think she could have really been a contender. If anyone is actually deserving of a second shot, it's this volleyball champion.

1. Kate Gosselin
Not everyone on an all-star season can be good -- someone needs to be our personal punching bag, and who better to point and laugh at than Kate? Think of the hair don'ts alone.

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