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TWoP 10: TV's Most Entertaining Roommates

by Angel Cohn April 13, 2012 6:04 am
TWoP 10: TV's Most Entertaining Roommates

The roommate dynamic has been one that has been mined for TV forever (just look at The Odd Couple and Laverne & Shirley), with Don't Trust the B---- in Apartment 23 and Girls adding their own variations to the conceit this week. But which current sets of roomies are the most fun to watch?

10. Max & Caroline (2 Broke Girls)
We may not love this show, and we certainly don't care about their fledgling cupcake business, but there's something about the actual two broke girls (who have nothing in common aside from their current income status) that keeps us watching. It's partly how they sometimes have a pet horse, not to mention how they have an ability to fend off unwanted advances from really pervy guys, but it's mostly Max's pleasure at discovering rich people's decadent indulgences and Caroline's horror at working disgusting jobs.

9. Travis & Sig (Cougar Town)
We're so glad that Travis has moved out of his mother's house, mostly because his new college apartment is pretty great. He and Sig have a blue screen in their house. And Kevin has the decency not to complain all that much about the fact that Travis' family and friends constantly drop in unannounced. An ability to put up with the cul-de-sac crew makes fpr a good person to live with. Also, they share a love of step dancing.

8. Joan & Gail (Mad Men)
They don't have comic timing, but we're mesmerized any time this mother and daughter duo are on screen. Gail's opinionated and not afraid to stick her nose into Joan's business, and Joan seems happy to have someone to care for her child while she takes naps. Watching their awkward interactions is a pure delight, and we're hoping that Gail moves in permanently to help out the suddenly single Joan.

7. Jessica, Lennon & Joe (Best Friends Forever)
Jessica and Lennon have held court in that apartment forever, and know exactly how to plan impromptu Lazy Sunday dinner parties. Joe provides excellent moral support to both, and his love for walking around naked leads to classic sitcom fun. Also, with Queenetta, it's got to be one of the best places to sample some good eats alongside real critics.

6. Chloe & June (Don't Trust the B---- in Apt. 23)
Chloe's a sociopath who lies and steals from her new roommates as part of her own personal public service program, while June's a naïve Midwestern who happily falls into her trap. The good stuff comes when June turns the tables and Chloe has to step up her game. There's a chance one, or both, of them could end up in jail by the end of the season, and we're fine with that.

5. Abed, Troy & Annie (Community)
They aren't the most natural of roommates (Abed and Troy initially didn't want to give up their virtual playroom so Annie could have a place to sleep) but they've worked things out well. And while it is a potentially awkward living situation, putting the prim and proper girl with the two nerds definitely keeps us laughing. If only we could see more of them at home and not just at school.

4. April, Andy & Ben (Parks & Recreation)
A married couple living with another unrelated adult could get a little uncomfortable, but these three make it work, mostly because Ben has the patience of a saint. April and Andy know how to throw a crazy party (even if they don't ever take into consideration jobs and responsibility), but Ben can cope with that. And we're mostly just glad that April and Andy have someone around who can provide adult supervision... and take care of Champion if need be.

3. Sheldon & Leonard (The Big Bang Theory)
We can't imagine either of them being able to live with anyone else. Honestly, who else would abide by that kind of ridiculous roommate agreement? These two are perfect for each other, despite all of their odd preferences about seating arrangements and driving. In fact, it's their little quirks (and constant geek references) that actually earned them a spot so high on this list.

2. Dave & Max (Happy Endings)
We love that a gay and straight guy can live together without that being an issue, though there's admittedly a revolving door of hookups from both genders... enough to annoy their landlord. They're perfect friends because Max's trashcan stove nearly asphyxiated Dave but he was cool about it, while Dave will tolerate Max in his full-on wild bear hibernation.

1. Jess, Nick, Schmidt & Winston (New Girl)
One girl, three guys? Sounds like a show on a racier network than Fox, but this foursome is of the totally PG-13 variety and we still get a kick out of them. They are at their best when together in strange predicaments, but click in smaller permutations as well. There's not a third (or fourth) wheel in this scenario; they've all got each other's backs, with the douchebag jar keeping everyone (mostly Schmidt) in check.

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