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TWoP 10: In Memoriam – What We'll Miss from Cancelled Shows

A ton of shows were cancelled this season, many of which deserved to go. But although we may not have shed tears over the programs themselves, there's quite a few specific elements that we're going to miss.

10. Bad CGI Dinosaurs (Terra Nova)
The show was severely lacking in prehistoric creatures, but the ones that were there on screen were so bad that they made Land Before Time look realistic. Still, we miss laughing at the enormous waste of money.

9. Diego's Comic Book Store (Alcatraz)
Forget the Comic Book Men's Secret Stash, the nerd haven we wanted to spend more time in was the San Francisco-based shop owned and operated by Alcatraz enthusiast Diego "Doc" Soto, a.k.a. Jorge Garcia, a.k.a. Hurley from Lost. In addition to peddling superhero books, Doc also drew comics based on his adventures tracking down '63s with detective Rebecca Madsen. Too bad we'll never be able to pick up a couple the next time we're in the Bay Area.

8. Jason's Pants (I Just Want My Pants Back)
You'd think that based on the series title, poor Jason would have got his beloved jeans back from Jane... and you'd be wrong. Sure, it symbolized his growth as a character at the end when he decided not to move forward with her until she figured out her boyfriend drama, but what a waste of perfectly good pants.

7. Laura Prepon's Chest (Are You There, Chelsea?)
We don't mean to sound like we're objectifying her, but her cleavage was the entire point of the show, right? With the wardrobe she had (inside and outside of her waitressing job), it seemed hard to concentrate on anything else.

6. Creepy Baby Dolls (The River)
The show tried to freak us out with some found footage and supernatural creatures, but the only thing that continues to haunt our nightmare was that grove of dolls tied to trees. And the one that wouldn't stay put? We can hardly talk about it.

5. Ashley Judd's Liam Neeson Impression (Missing)
Proving that Liam Neeson isn't the only parent with a very particular talent for tracking down their missing children, Ashley Judd pursued her vanished son for ten episodes of the ABC serial drama Missing, relying on her scowl and CIA training to find her poor kidnapped kid. She even had her own Neeson-like catchphrase: "I am a mother, looking for her son!" Hey, it isn't "Release the Kraken!" but we think the Taken star would salute a fellow parental warrior.

4. Siobhan's Giant Portrait (Ringer)
Lots of things were ridiculous on this show, but in terms of the inanimate objects, our favorite was the enormous black and white picture of Shiv's face that hung in the foyer of her Park Ave. apartment. Its most memorable moment was when Juliet vandalized it -- but to be fair, the WHORE did give the art some extra flair.

3. Jeffster (Chuck)
The band. The myth. The legend. These two goofballs were probably the oddest thing about the spy show (and that's including Morgan's ability to attract beautiful women), but their strange bromance often hit just the right note. Plus, you can't underestimate the power of a keytar.

2. The Clipper Majestic (Pan Am)
The lovely airplane took the retro-clad stewardesses with their jaunty little blue hats to far-off places each week, even surviving a rough trip to Haiti (where it barely got off the airfield safely), and made us nostalgic for a time when air travel was fun instead of excruciating.

1. The MRI of Doom (House)
If we learned something from all those years at Princeton-Plainsboro, it's that you should avoid the MRI machine at all costs. That big clunky thing is either broken, an indication that you are going to die or a place where you'll have a panic attack, requiring the staff to rush in and pull you out.

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