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TWoP 10: Most Promising New Shows of the 2012-2013 Season

Based solely on the trailers and descriptions and scant amount of additional footage we saw during this week's network upfront presentations, here are the new shows that have piqued our interested for next season. Though since Ringer actually topped our list at this time last year, we're going to hold off planning our viewing schedules until we've had a chance to screen the full pilots.

10. The Mindy Project
The clips from this Fox comedy weren't that funny, if we're being honest, but we really like Kaling as both a performer and a writer, so we think this has potential. Hopefully, the trailer we saw was just a set-up of the basic concept (cute doctor, bad dating life) and that there's more to the series... like a secret Schmidt or something.

9. Revolution
With the driving forces of Eric Kripke, Jon Favreau and J.J. Abrams behind this NBC series, this could be TV's next big epic serial -- or it could go the way of FlashForward. From what we saw, the show has a lot of similarities to other post-apocalyptic series like Jericho and Falling Skies, but our curiosity is going to get the better of us because we're always holding out hope for another event show that will have us up half the night pondering its mysteries.

8. 666 Park Avenue
Terry O'Quinn is back in his mysterious Lost mode on this ABC drama, and that's a good thing. He does that creepy/kindly thing better than anyone. He's paired with Vanessa Williams running an apartment building where you have to sell your soul to the devil (or some sort of evil force) to live there. Looks like a good old supernatural soap, and we'll definitely be checking in for a visit.

7. Last Resort
Andre Braugher and Scott Speedman are at the helm of this ABC series set on a nuclear submarine. After the government tries to kill them, they go rogue and set up shop on a little island, effectively creating their own country. The show appears to have top-notch production values, a solid cast and a premise that we haven't seen done to death a million times before.

6. The Carrie Diaries
This is The CW's buzzed-about Sex and the City prequel set in the '80s, and while the teaser seemed more like Jane by Design than the racy HBO comedy (no Samantha in a sex swing here), there's something smart and sincere about the footage that has us interested. The '80s tunes and neon fashions don't hurt.

5. Elementary
There may already be an incredible BBC Sherlock, but who says there can't be two modern-day versions of Holmes on TV? This CBS take is aabout a recovering drug addict, and an ass, whose sober companion as his only friend. Jonny Lee Miller playes the legendary sleuth and Lucy Liu is his (Joan) Watson, and for what could be a procedural, it looks like it has more edge and smarts than is typical from this network.

4. Vegas
Finally, a network period drama that looks like it has gotten it right. Michael Chiklis is a mobster moving in on an unruly '60s Vegas and Dennis Quaid as a lawman/rancher who doesn't take kindly to all of the murderous newcomers to his once-sleepy town. It probably won't be as violent as FX or HBO fans may like, but for a mainstream show, it looks like gangbusters.

3. Arrow
The CW was smart enough to cast a new guy as Arrow (no Green), liberating this DC Comics character from Smallville continuity and comparisons. This version looks dark, gritty, and action-heavy, with more similarities to the Bourne franchise than a live-action cartoon.

2. Do No Harm
NBC's most appealing new show is Jekyll and Hyde redux, in which the good doctor is a conscientious neurosurgeon and the bad half is a violent, decadent party boy. It looks slick and grown-up, with Steven Pasquale stepping out of his Rescue Me supporting role into a star turn that showcases his acting chops like nothing before.

1. Nashville
We're not putting this one on the top of our list just because it stars Connie Britton, but let's just say didn't hurt at all. While it looks like a variation on the Country Strong theme, this might be legitimately good, as Britton clashes with a younger, more popular rival played by Hayden Panettiere in Taylor Swift Mode. And there's no way we can turn down the chance to see Britton sing each week.

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