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TWoP 10: Worst Moms on TV This Season

by Angel Cohn May 11, 2012 6:05 am
TWoP 10: Worst Moms on TV This Season

In our now annual tradition, we're celebrating Mother's Day by calling out the very worst moms on TV this season. This year, we're particularly grateful that none of these women raised us. And the truly scary thing is that there's only two repeats from last year, and that's with leaving reality TV mothers off the list, which means there are some truly twisted matriarchs on the airwaves now.

10. Lily (Gossip Girl)
One daughter is wreaking havoc as Gossip Girl, and Lily is too busy with her own struggling marriage to notice. Her son is completely missing in action, and she seems to care not. Her stepson (from a different, and maybe still valid, marriage) is going through some messed-up issues with his birth parents and she ignores him. Her stepdaughter could be dead for all we know. To make matters worse, she's manipulative, money-grubbing and mean to her (fake) niece, and isn't much better to her actual one.

9. Catherine (Ringer)
When we first met Juliet, we thought she was your run-of-the-mill spoiled brat, but then we were introduced to her mother. Crazy, vindictive Catherine manipulated her daughter into making a fake rape claim in order to rip off Andrew (the father of her child) for $10 million. Then she faked her own attempted suicide so she could try to kill (Bridget-as-)Siobhan with some drugged tea. We're glad things didn't work out with her lover Olivia, because clearly Cattie is -- to paraphrase Juliet -- "an evil bitch" who should just "get over it" already.

8. Mitch (The Killing)
Her daughter may or may not have been a prostitute and/or involved in some illegal doings at a casino. And she seemingly ended up dead because of it. But instead of hunkering down and paying more attention to her remaining children, she left her sons to be raised by a depressed father and their hooker aunt while she went off to live in a motel and act creepy around wayward runaway girls.

7. Selina (Veep)
She's the Vice President of the United States, so she's got a lot on her plate, but her daughter is absolutely the last thing on her agenda. She only makes a lunch date with her child so it looks like she's a good mother, and then cancels on her and makes her sit around her office all day. She also promises the college-aged girl a dog (that she wanted as a kid), for appearance's sake. And she ignores her daughter's one request to try and not control the weather. Self-involved much, Madam Vice President?

6. Julia (Smash)
Her son Leo looks like he's 40 years old and is still living at home and smoking pot with his friends, and nearly went to jail. But instead of giving him tough love, Julia totally babies him. The super-sensitive kid cries at the drop of a hat, takes his parents' separation way too personally and is obsessed with the idea that they adopt another child. And Julia appears to be forcing herself to stay in a miserable marriage in order to make her son happy. That's never a good plan. Also, if you are going to re-initiate an affair, don't do it where your son can watch.

5. Constance (American Horror Story)
Whether she's locking her Down Syndrome-affected daughter in a closet filled with mirrors or badgering her boyfriend into smothering the deformed son that she keeps hidden away in the attic, this faded Southern belle's maternal instinct has clearly gone horrifically awry. On the other hand, she does fight to keep the children she actually wants close to her... like the demonic grandson conceived by her ghostly son Tate and her next-door neighbor Vivien Harmon. Since the show is rebooting itself in Season 2, we won't see how the two are getting along, but we're sure that under Constance's firm guidance, that little tyke is going to grow up to be a real killer.

4. Regina (Once Upon a Time)
Henry wanders off and puts himself in more danger than almost any kid on TV, and is currently in a coma by his legal mother's hand (albeit inadvertently). Why adopt a kid if you are only going to ignore him in favor of trying to take down a town? And poor Henry has the double burden of having a birth mom who is almost as terrible as his adoptive mom, since chasing after Emma endanger his life on a fairly regular basis as well.

3. Lori (The Walking Dead)
How many times does Carl have to almost die before Lori actually checks to make sure that her son is where he's supposed to be? And there's her pattern of reckless behavior, like taking a bunch of morning-after pills in order to induce a miscarriage and maybe kill herself in the process. Or taking off in a car after dark to check on her husband, and then crashing it... leaving her son in danger of losing both parents in a world filled with zombies. Plus, she raised a kid who is such a little brat that he stupidly taunts zombies and wastes valuable weapons.

2. Esther (The Vampire Diaries)
She tried to use a spell to link her children together so that they could more easily be killed. What kind of mom wants to mass-murder her offspring? Granted, some of her children are monsters who wreak havoc on the human race, but a few of them aren't entirely bad, even if they are vampires. But nevertheless, she'd just like to purge them all with one stake. Does unconditional parental love have a thousand-year expiration date?

1. Linden (The Killing)
She's not actively trying to kill her son, but she may end up doing it anyway. After teasing him with the idea that he was moving to California, now he's just relegated to being homeless all the time since she can't keep a place for more than a minute because of Child Protective Services (rightly) breathing down her neck or because she pissed someone off or because there might be a murderer stalking her. Linden's son rarely gets to eat anything that doesn't come out of a vending machine and she keeps him locked up in motel rooms, supposedly for his own protection. And his only "friend" is a meth-addicted detective, while his mom insists on preventing him from being with his father, who could actually maybe take care of him or at least provide him with a safe place to stay. Her main justification for her absentee parenting? He's 13 and not a child anymore.

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