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TWoP 10: Characters We're Most Happy to Be Free Of

We've started celebrating Independence Day a few days early, and we're especially happy because the past TV season allowed us to finally get away from some truly terrible characters. Thank goodness for deaths and cancellations. We'll light some sprinklers in these people's honor.

10. Sammy (Revenge)
We're a little sad about Sammy the dog dying, but honestly, how old was that pooch anyway? We can't even begin to do the math in canine years. Plus, his death brought Emily and Jack a little bit closer together, so something good (if only temporarily) came of it.

9. Taub (House)
There are things we'll miss about the curmudgeonly House now that he's faked his death and headed off on his motorbike, but we will certainly not miss Taub one bit. Or Taub playing with his children or talking about his sex life. Ever.

8. Rosie Larsen (The Killing)
She's been dead since the show started, but now that they've solved the mystery of who killed her, we can finally put her to rest. And this way Holder and Linden can go investigate some more corruption in the city while Rosie chases butterflies in pretentious teen girl heaven or wherever. We're all better off now, especially since people have stopped whining about the fact that her murder was unresolved.

7. Chelsea (Are You There, Chelsea?)
Chelsea Handler can be somewhat funny. Laura Prepon playing Chelsea Handler is not. We're sure the excessively stressed out T-shirts are relived as well.

6. Maya (Pretty Little Liars)
We'd cry about the oldest teenager on the planet turning up dead presumably at the hand of A, but honestly, Emily can do better. Maya was very grating from the get-go and we couldn't have cared less about her stint in rehab, so the sooner Emily moves on, the better.

5. Robert California (The Office)
So much was promised by this James Spader character, and so little delivered. Instead of interesting and quirky, we just got sex-obsessed and incompetent. Seeing him take his payout and parlay that into some off-screen globe-trotting adventures didn't hurt our feelings at all. May his travels never allow him to return to Scranton.

4. Susan Delfino (Desperate Housewives)
Mike was the one who died, but thanks to this series ending, we don't have to deal with Susan anymore either, fortunately. Of all of the ladies on Wisteria Lane, she was consistently the most immature, annoying and complete intolerable -- need we remind you about the incriminating mural she painted? For what it's worth, we won't miss little M.J., either.

3. Ted Beneke (Breaking Bad)
Much as we loved Walter White's breakdown in his crawl space, we're happy that white collar criminal Ted Beneke is dead and gone. Just in case the Whites didn't have enough issues with dangerous criminals, Ted's auditing was one of the biggest threats the family faced. Plus, he spent Great-Aunt Birgit's coincidental bail-out money on a stupid Mercedes. Fortunately, he went out the way he lived when he slipped on a rug and broke his neck: like an idiot.

2. Dale (The Walking Dead)
He whined a lot, was super preachy and condescending and constantly stuck his nose in business that wasn't remotely his own. We could do without his lectures on gun control. Aside from his skills in fixing an RV, he was mostly useless. If a zombie hadn't eaten him, we'd probably have jumped through our screens in Season 3 and put him down ourselves.

1. Ellis (Smash)
Thank the new showrunners on this show for announcing that the annoying assistant/wannabe producer would not be returning in the second season. While there's a slight chance we may have to suffer through one farewell appearance to tie up whatever perceived loose ends he has (though we thought his firing was final enough), he's apparently not going to be around to get under our skin and drive us utterly bonkers. But how will this show survive without someone eavesdropping obnoxiously around every corner?

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