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TWoP 10: Things We’ll Miss About <I>Mad Men</i> After This Season

Knowing Matthew Weiner, we won't be seeing any more of the SCDP gang until sometime in the middle of 2013, if we're lucky -- if we're not, it might not be until 2014. Sure, that gives us time to process all of the jaw-dropping moments of Season 5, but there are also so many Mad Men idiosyncrasies we'll miss after the show ends its season this Sunday.

10. Ken Cosgrove's Sci-Fi
We've enjoyed Ken -- or should we say Ben Hargrove/Dave Algonquin -- and his budding writing career as a short story author this season, and what's worse is that we never found out what happened with "The Punishment of X4" and that collapsing bridge, or "The Woman Who Laid an Egg and Then Gave It Away." Thanks for nothing, Roger.

9. The "Next Time on Mad Men" Teasers
Obviously, we're gluttons for punishment, given how we've grown to love those cryptic, obtuse little installments after every episode that give away absolutely nothing about the actual plot.

8. The Real-Life Jaguar Press Releases
Ever since SCDP went after the Jaguar account, the company has felt the need to issue press releases reminding viewers that Mad Men is a fictional series, and that they would never allow bribery or prostitution. Nothing like a mini PR nightmare to keep us entertained.

7. Sally's Hooker Boots
Her father hates them, Glen certainly seems to like them and they symbolize how grown up little Miss Draper is these days. We're almost afraid to see her as a full-fledged teen in Season 6 -- it seems like just yesterday she was cutting her own hair and exploring herself on her friend's couch.

6. The Familiar Faces
Sure, this series is revered for its ability to capture the '50s and '60s, but it's also been excellent at bringing in beloved actors from the '90s and early '00s. This time around, we got glimpses of Rory Gilmore, Mr. Belding and an extended amount of time with Alex Mack. At this point, if Dave Coulier and Danielle Fishel don't make cameos next season, we'll be pissed.

5. The Mythos of Ginsberg
From the moment he was a jerk to Peggy during his interview, we've kept our eye on SCPD's resident Jewish copywriter. The more we learn about him, his adoptive father and his concentration camp roots, the more we want to know. And yes, we're still kind of annoyed at Don for trashing his Sno Ball idea.

4. Alexis Bledel Fantasies
Just when we finally learned not to fall for Pete's sexy dreams of drop-in visits from his one-time lover Beth Dawes, they're ripped away from us. Here's hoping we get one last scene with the lady in the season finale.

3. Betty's Fat Suit
Betty is paying Weight Watchers good money for her weight loss, so we're assuming that January Jones will have to give up the ridiculous suit and makeup next season. We may have to rely on some Bugles to get us through our loss.

2. Roger's Omnipresent Wad of Cash
How much money has Sterling thrown down this season in bribes alone? He addressed that he's got to stop carrying around huge stacks of bills, but we'd much prefer to see him continue to dole out dough in order to undermine Pete.

1. Lane Pryce
Though Peggy is off to work at Cutler Gleason & Chaough, we're still holding out hope that Don will actually keep in touch with her. On the contrary, we're pretty sure we won't see Lane ever again (unless he pulls a Ghost Anna on us). Sure, he committed forgery and embezzlement and hit on Joan extremely inappropriately those few times, but he didn't deserve to die. Couldn't Elder Pryce have been called back to beat him over the head with a cane again? Ah, such simpler times.

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