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TWoP 10: Biggest Snubs By the 2012 Emmy Nominations

There were a lot of big surprises yesterday during the Emmy nominations, but most of them just served to make us angry. And while we've simmered down a bit, we're still very confused about the shows that the voters apparently watch. And we're pretty sure that sometimes they just see a recognizable film star's name, get excited and check their box, regardless of quality (that's the only way we can explain the love for Uma Thurman and Kathy Bates). Here are the snubs that we just can't believe:

10. Kelsey Grammer (Boss)/Hugh Laurie (House)
Not that we're personally upset about either of these being overlooked, but it was surprising that Golden Globe winner Kelsey Grammer was overlooked for his dark turn. And that Hugh Laurie wasn't recognized for his last season of House. We had expected that one or both of these guys was a shoo-in for some Emmy recognition.

9. Docu-Soap Reality Shows
There probably needs to be a third reality category so the Emmys can truly acknowledge the diversity of the genre. There's the competition reality category, the non-fiction (which focuses on more documentary-style) programming and then this generic "reality" category that houses everything else. So that means that shows like Sister Wives, Dance Moms or anything Housewives-related are ignored in favor of Antiques Roadshow.

8. No Love for Glee
This is one of the few snubs that we're really happy about, though the show did get a couple scattered nominations. We've got to admit that we were concerned that the show would sneak through the cracks with its subpar crazy and annoying pop songs. To see neither Smash or Glee mentioned in any of the major categories was probably the highlight of the nominations for us.

7. RuPaul
Admittedly, it was a long shot, but RuPaul's Drag Race is one of the funniest and most entertaining reality-competition shows on TV, and we'd even go so far as to say it's heartwarming at times. Mostly we were hoping that Ru would earn a nod for hosting and then appear in some fantastic gown.

6. John Slattery, Vincent Kartheiser and Jessica Pare
The supporting Mad Men stars had huge parts of this season, and though we haven't counted the precise minutes, we're sure that Pare had the same amount of screen time, if not more, as as lead actress nominee Elisabeth Moss. We know these supporting categories are packed, but we would have found room for them somehow. Hell, if they can add a seventh slot to the lead comedy actress category, why not one more person here? The more great performances the merrier.

5. Sons of Anarchy/Justified/Southland
We love these cable dramas, but for some reason, they are largely overlooked by the Emmys. This was most egregiious in the acting categories because SOA's Katey Sagal, Justified's Timothy Olyphant and Southland's Regina King are doing some awesome work on their shows and we thought at least one of them stood a shot at getting a nod.

4. Network Dramas
Not a single broadcast network program nominated for Outstanding Drama. Not The Good Wife or Revenge or even Harry's Law (which somehow is part of the Emmy mix thanks to Kathy Bates). All of the big accolades went to cable or PBS, which makes us wonder if the voters even watched the network screeners they received, or just skipped right to the buzzy stuff from HBO and AMC.

3. Supporting Actors Who Aren't on Modern Family
The list of actors who were overlooked so that four people from Modern Family could get nods is ridiculous. Danny Pudi, Aziz Ansari, Nick Offerman, Chris Pratt, Jim Rash, Adam Scott, Adam Pally, Damon Wayans Jr., just to name a few. It's dizzying. Maybe they could be a little more in their Modern Family love next year, OK?

2. Parks and Recreation
Yes, star Amy Poehler got a much deserved nomination, but the show itself was largely overlooked, not to mention the incredible supporting cast (see half of the above list) and that's a shame. We're sure the Emmy voters didn't even cry when Li'l Sebastian died.

1. Community
How is it possible that one of the best comedies currently on television only got one measly nomination for writing? It's crazy. With such a strong ensemble cast, there should've been several acting nods (Joel McHale, Danny Pudi, Gillian Jacobs, Jim Rash, etc.), while the show itself should be up for Outstanding Comedy. The Emmy voters clearly need a higher education in how to recognize quality.

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