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TWoP 10: Questions We Have About <I>Breaking Bad</i> Season 5

This Sunday begins the first half of the final 16 episodes of AMC's Breaking Bad, a series we're only slightly obsessed with. Before we dive into eight new no-doubt mind-blowing episodes of one of the best shows on television, it's important to go into the season remembering that there's lots of ground to cover before Breaking Bad ends, not to mention the fact that Season 4's finale left us with a handful burning questions.

10. How Great Is AMC?
If you've been following the whole Dish Network vs. AMC debacle, you've probably heard that the cabler has decided to let Dish subscribers stream the premiere online, with the hope that customers will switch networks after watching the first episode of the season. Considering how passionate Breaking Bad fans are, something tells us there's going to be a meth rock-sized drop in Dish's stock come Monday.

9. Is Junior Going to Get a Storyline?
Breakfast jokes aside, surely the boy formerly known as Flynn has a lot of pent-up feelings about his father's absence, his mother's mistreatment of his poor gambling addict dad and that weird pot dealer who Walt would much rather hang out with instead of his own son. The "Save Walter White" plotline was so good that we have faith RJ Mitte has the chops to helm another story arc.

8. What Year Is It?
Just how much time as passed in the Breaking Bad-verse? It's hard to tell how long the timespan has been since the very first day Walt started hacking up blood. Since then, we've watched planes crash and buildings burn, yet we're not sure if Walter's destruction has only lasted a few months or has been happening for over a year or more. Maybe we could get a shot of a newspaper dateline to make it clear.

7. What's Marie Going to Steal This Season?
The purple-loving lady has only done small heists thus far... surely creator Vince Gilligan is going to pump up her pilfering, right? Maybe she'll find herself into the drug smuggling business and run into her brother-in-law along the way. That or just smuggling more framed pictures of elderly strangers.

6. What Happened to Hank's Moon Rock Collection?
Excuse us, minerals. Surely he can make a killing on eBay for all of the still-depressed jerks out there.

5. Did Ted Really Die?
He took a nasty spill in "Crawl Space", but it's never been confirmed that idiot Ted Beneke is actually out of our lives for good. Then again, at the end of Season 3 we never officially saw Jesse's bullet go through Gale and he was definitely dead, so technically it's anyone's guess.

4. Is Jesse On to Walt?
Poor Jesse -- he's so desperate for approval and success that he can't see what's right in front of him, be it Gus trying to trick him into switching alliances or Walt secretly poisoning his girlfriend's son. On top of the parking garage, it seemed like Jesse knew something fishy was going on, but can he connect the dubious pieces of the Breaking Bad puzzle? Can he, bitch?

3. How the Hell Did Saul Poison Brock?
Yeah, yeah, we've seen the videos and read the theories on how Saul might have gotten the Lily of the Valley into a little boy's digestive system, but will it ever be shown to us? The whole poisoning was far too insane to not give us a concrete play-by-play.

2. How Pissed is Mike?
We can't wait to see the look on Mike's face when he finds out Walt killed Gus. Nor can we wait to see Walt's busted up face after Mike gives him a proper ass-beating.

1. Will Walt Meet His Maker?
He's gone from an anti-hero to a near-villain since the series started -- but will Gilligan pull the trigger on Heisenberg? And how? Obviously it could be any of Mr. White's many enemies, but it could also be that pesky lung cancer that started this whole mess. In a way, we're almost happy that we won't get to see the series finale until Fall of '13, but guessing and obsessing are half the fun.

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