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TWoP 10: Most Disappointing New Shows of the Summer

by Angel Cohn August 17, 2012 6:00 am
TWoP 10: Most Disappointing New Shows of the Summer

Thank goodness for our returning shows, because otherwise this would have been a tough TV summer. While Teen Wolf, Suits, True Blood and Breaking Bad have all delivered week after week, most of the new programming of the last few months has left a lot to be desired. Breaking Pointe was fun and we're oddly obsessed with the surreal Here Comes Honey Boo Boo, but too many other freshman series were underwhelming at best. Here's what let us down the most:

10. Beverly Hills Nannies
Wealthy young people taking care of even wealthier people's children, and it's not even on E! We'd hoped for lots of juicy inside secrets, but instead we just found out that these nannies job-hop like crazy, love to wear designer clothes and are more interested in being pals with the women they work for instead of actually taking care of their children.

9. Gallery Girls
We were hoping for a mix of Work of Art with maybe a little bit of NYC Prep, but while the entitled personalities are there, the art is decidedly missing. These spoiled young women "work" at galleries, but some sell clothes and one's a model and all of them are really obnoxious.

8. Dallas
Dull. Dull. Dull. Even if J.R. got shot again, we'd have a hard time mustering up any enthusiasm to care whodunit.

7. Craft Wars
We love us some crafting (at least we love looking at them on Pinterest), but this show is a dud. The crafts created leave a lot to be desired, the challenges are ridiculous, the judging panel is lackluster (aside from the woman from Michael's who loves glitter) and Tori Spelling is not a great host. They need better challenges that are actually craft-themed (and not designer challenges or art) and to give the crafters more time so not everything is shoddily glue-gunned.

6. Real Housewives of New York
It's not technically a new series, but with only a handful of the original ladies left, and an influx of new (blue) blood, this show might as well have had a different name entirely. We never thought we'd miss Kelly Bensimon or Jill Zarin, but we do. Heather and her "holla" make us want to scream, the princess is too sleepy for television and we're over Aviva's codependence with her husband. Somehow Ramona's shrieking seems worse and more staged when there's no Jill to balance it all out.

5. Political Animals
We thought we were getting the new West Wing and that Sigourney Weaver would be able to really deliver in this commanding role, but instead it turned out to be closer to Dirty Sexy Money than anything else. If we want to see a woman in a powerful D.C. role, we'll watch reruns of Veep instead.

4. The Glass House
With some initially interesting-sounding audience involvement, we thought this show had some potential... until we actually saw the dull group of housemates they cast and discovered that this glass house had giant curtains separating every room... so the glass was irrelevant. But we were most turned off by the fact that it only aired once a week and that we were expected to see most of the drama online. If we wanted to do that, we'd stick with Big Brother.

3. Snooki & JWOWW
After the bust that was The Pauly D Project, we should have expected this would be terrible, but somehow we had hopes for the boozy duo. But then Snooki went and got pregnant and whiny, JWOWW lost her sense of humor and we were stuck watching these two hang out with their boyfriends in Jersey City and play with gross dogs all of the time.

2. Bunheads
We saw teasers about Emily Gilmore reuniting with Gilmore Girls creator Amy Sherman-Palladino and we blindly jumped into this show... before we realized how bizarrely awful it was. The small-town quirkiness of Stars Hollow doesn't translate to Paradise (mostly because Rory and Lorelai aren't on tap to balance it out) and Michelle is too dumb to sympathize with. Storylines were introduced, forgotten, changed and confused, leaving us with lingering questions each week -- most often: "Why are we still watching this?"

1. The Newsroom
With the budget and creative freedom that HBO provided Aaron Sorkin, we were hoping for something better than Studio 60. But instead we got this preachy nonsensical mess... most of which was rehashed from his previous, superior shows. We knew we were in trouble when we saw that it was set a few years back and that they'd be reporting on old news in the most heavy-handed way possible, but never did we imagine how stupidly the women would be portrayed or how insufferable every single character would be. It's been a chore to get through each episode without throwing something at our televisions. If it wasn't for True Blood, we would have cancelled our HBO subscriptions until the return of Game of Thrones.

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