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TWoP 10: Returning Shows We're Nervous About

by Rachel Stein August 31, 2012 6:00 am
TWoP 10: Returning Shows We're Nervous About

With all of the fall 2012 returning shows fresh on our minds, we're getting a little bit antsy that our expectations are too high for some of our favorite series. As fun as big plot twists, new storylines and major changes in general are, what if the upcoming seasons can't match what's already happened? We're not so much freaked out about shows that are already bananas (like The Vampire Diaries and Gossip Girl), nor are we wasting our energy hoping that Glee transforms into an amazing series, but for these beloved shows, our nerves are starting to take over.

10. Survivor
One of the biggest draws of Season 25 is definitely Lisa Whelchel, a.k.a. Blair Warner from The Facts of Life. But what if she turns out to majorly suck at the game and gets kicked off the first week? It'd be such a waste of nostalgia, and we'll have to do a lot of damage control after convincing so many other former Facts of Life fans to watch this show again.

9. Modern Family
Season 3 had a handful of solid episodes, but one of the worst elements of the sitcom is Gloria's relentless screaming and revealing outfits that solidify Sofia Vergara more as a sexy prop than an actual actress on an ensemble cast. Now that she's expecting, we're worried that the writers will use pregnancy hormones as an excuse to make her character even more insane -- there's even talk of an episode where she doesn't want to wear new clothes even though she's gaining weight. Ai, Jay!

8. The Walking Dead
Horribly frustrating as this show can be, last season's finale made us believe that this season Walking Dead might be more awesome than infuriating. Then again, these idiots can barely keep track of Carl, so what's to say they won't find a way to screw things up in the most exasperating way possible yet again?

7. New Girl
Zooey Deschanel has more than proven herself as a great leading lady, but the real breakout star of this show is obviously Max Greenfield. Much as we love Schmidt, network sitcoms have a habit of running good supporting characters into the ground. There's a very real possibility that Schmidt-isms will be pumped into the show so that Fox can sell more personalized condoms, driving moccasins and sharkskin laptop sleeve with his face on it.

6. Once Upon a Time
This show sure does love its Lost references, but essentially hitting a reset button in the season finale may not have been the best idea, given how well that worked the first time...

5. Castle
After years of waiting for Castle and Kate to hook up, it finally happened! But now what? Will Caskett ruin the flow of the series? If we learned anything from watching Jim and Pam get together on The Office, it's to be careful what we wish for when there are still upcoming seasons of the series to go.

4. American Horror Story
We're still shocked that Ryan Murphy managed to pull a freaky, funny and all-around enjoyable miniseries (or, rather, "miniseries") the first time around, let alone make the wise decision to set Season 2 in an entirely different stand-alone universe. Based on his previous shows, it's got to be only a matter of time before the other shoe drops... ideally, it's after Jessica Lange gets enough material for another Emmy reel.

3. Revenge
We love us some Emanda, but we fear that bringing back Madeleine Stowe could be a problem might be a bit of a stretch (it would have been so much better to allow stupid Victoria to die in that plane explosion). There's also the risk that the plot will get overstuffed rather fast -- at a certain point, we hope the writers end these story arcs and move Emily onto new wrongdoers.

2. Homeland
Season 1 of Showtime's surprise hit maintained an impressive level of tension and shock, thanks to excellent writing and even better acting. While we're hoping for more of the same, the skeptic in us has a hard time believing that the writers will be able to do it all again, especially given the amount of unanswered questions we have going into its sophomore season, particularly what type of tea Brody likes to drink when there's no Yorkshire Gold available.

1. Community
What is this show going to be like without creator/producer/writer/showrunner Dan Harmon? Much as we enjoy Happy Endings these days, new executive producers David Guarascio and Moses Port have their work cut out for them -- especially since they're also down a few other producers, directors, writers and Star-Burns himself. Maybe the fresh blood will make the series a bit more penetrable for new viewers, or, more likely, it will turn the show into Evil Community. Be on the lookout for Norwegian trolls and bone saws.

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