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TWoP 10: Burning Questions About Fall 2012 TV

by TWoP Staff September 28, 2012 6:02 am
TWoP 10: Burning Questions About Fall 2012 TV

The insanity of Fall TV is in full swing, and while we're busy judging shows as a whole, a lot of the new and returning shows really have us puzzled with some of the unusual choices they are making. We'll likely never get these answers, but we pose the questions that really have us stumped.

10. Will this be the season that Will Estes gets more than one line an episode on Blue Bloods?
And no, disagreeing with whatever Danny just said at Sunday dinner doesn't count.

9. Will the clever editors on X Factor be able to find a way to keep the show interesting once the live round begins?
The show has been very watchable this season thanks to a lot of well-executed story editing. Maybe the live shows can be on extended tape delay?

8. What is Max's campaign platform?
Is the young Braverman going to be a single-issue candidate on Parenthood, or will he stray from his focus on universal access to Skittles in order to address other issues his classmates may relate to? Just hope he doesn't go after the 46 percent that prefers M&M's.

7. Is there nothing better for Michael Vartan to do than cameo on Go On?
Seeing one of our favorite Alias stars serve as punchline in a brief (ten-second) appearance on this mediocre sitcom made us sad. Can he not find a post-HawthoRNe job that doesn't require him to don his hockey gear and play himself?

6. When will someone finally stop allowing a writer to accompany police on Castle?
Beckett barely can keep her own job at this point because she breaks so many rules, and her boss really hates Castle, but yet their chief allows the mystery novelist to stick around? And put himself and others in danger? Sure, he has connections, but will that still matter when they find out that he's dating the detective?

5. Is 2 Broke Girls trying to make Bernie Madoff sympathetic?
You know, for a guy who ripped off thousands of people for billions of dollars, Caroline's dad actually seems like a pretty great person who was just a little bit misguided and, at one time, too power-hungry. Thanks to Steven Weber's acting, the character is so likable and has such a great sense of humor that sometimes we're starting to wonder if someone at CBS is related to the real-life Martin Channing.

4. Why did Glee create Rachel, Quinn and Puck clones instead of original new characters?
The writers had a chance to bring in some fresh creations (especially since the old ones are still hanging around in various capacities) but instead they just made up little doppelgangers to take their place in New Directions. So much for diversity.

3. Why hasn't Mob Doctor been cancelled yet?
Honestly. This show. And what the hell is up with the posters where she's holding her bloody gloves up to her lips in a gross, unsanitary pose. Is she praying for better scripts? Who thought that was a good way to sell this show?

2. Why is Winston isolated from all of the Jess stuff on New Girl?
And why is his role so minimized in general? All of his scenes are usually with the guy roommates, or involve characters from outside the group. That is, when he's given actual lines and isn't relegated to just reacting to the ridiculous (and sometimes racist) things Schmidt says and does. (Thanks to Ezra Artis for the inspiration on this one.)

1. When will Modern Family realize they need to get Lily some acting lessons?
We don't think that Emmy gag about her being a monster was much of a stretch given that the kid cannot act at all. She's so terrible in every scene she's in that stuffed animals are more compelling. And on another note, for how long will ABC run those obnoxious ads about how the show can win Emmys every year? Gloating is so unbecoming.

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