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Dollhouse: Where Should the Cast Go Next?

by Angel Cohn November 13, 2009 2:47 pm
<I>Dollhouse</I>: Where Should the Cast Go Next?

With Dollhouse's doors closing, and Joss presumably heading back to the drawing board, what will happen to all those actors who will be out of a job? After all, some of them already get too-little work on non-Whedon projects as it is. To get them started, before they hit the unemployment line, we've found some doors they should start knocking on.

Eliza Dushku
We loved her as Faith, but the girl really can't carry an entire series with her "acting" abilities. It took us a while to find her a new home, but after seeing the wooden performances on the second episode of V, we knew she'd fit in perfectly there. Give the girl a nice tight jumpsuit and some stilted dialogue and she'll be the perfect lizard person.

Tahmoh Penikett
Maybe it's just our love of watching nerdy worlds collide, but we'd be thrilled if this former BSG star found his way on to Chuck, preferably as a rival for Casey. We'd love to see Adam Baldwin and Tahmoh duke it out, or be best friends... either way.

Dichen Lachman
She was on the long-running Australian drama Neighbours playing a nurse so she's used to soapy fare, which makes her a perfect fit for Grey's Anatomy. New blood has helped the show this season, so a little bit more couldn't hurt, right?

Miracle Laurie
Maybe it's just because she sort of reminds us a bit of Ginnifer Goodwin, but wouldn't Miracle just be perfect as a new wife on Big Love?

Olivia Williams
This import should return to her native UK because we'd love to see her on Torchwood. Her bossy performance on this show has convinced us that she'd be the perfect person to come in and help pick up the pieces of what (very little) remains of the Cardiff branch.

Harry Lennix
He's already done 24, but we'd hope to see this actor stick with the action genre, and maybe even stay in the Fox family with a role on Fringe. There's got to be another secretive branch of the FBI that he can work for.

Enver Gjokaj
If we say nothing else about Dollhouse in the future, we're at least glad that it brought Enver to our attention. He's fabulous and pretty dreamy. Don't those Salvatore brothers on The Vampire Diaries have a cousin or something he could play? We'd be so down with that.

Amy Acker
Well, if her new show Happy Town doesn't take off, we'd like to see her on The Big Bang Theory as a nice bookish girl nerd -- just like our beloved Fred before she turned all scary Illyria on us.

Fran Kranz
We're not especially fond of his annoying Topher character, but perhaps he could go on one of those crime-scene investigating shows, where he can work in the lab and use the science-speak he learned from Dollhouse. Since CSI: Antarctica isn't available, perhaps CSI:NY, since we rarely tune into that one and could then happily forget that he exists.

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