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Big Brother Bother

by Angel Cohn June 23, 2008 12:41 pm
<I>Big Brother</I> Bother

I've been staring at this story for a couple days and thinking about writing up the info in case you are a Big Brother fan who lives in the Los Angeles area and likes to get dressed in business casual style. (If you are, you can go see the evictions in person...) But the reason that I haven't gotten around to posting about it before is because I've just been irritated by the fact that the show is sticking to the ridiculous schedule it first employed during the lame "winter" season just a few short months ago. As I ranted in my gallery of the 10 Most Annoying Things About Season 9, the Sunday, Tuesday, Wednesday airings basically just suck, and make the show irritating for anyone who cares about what is actually happening in the house and bothers to purchase either the live feeds or watch Showtime After Dark. If I get the live feeds (or read the blogs of those who do), which is presumably something that CBS wants you to do since they offer them, then by the time the Sunday episode airs all those days later, I've already figured out who was nominated and usually who has won the power of Veto, and Veto isn't even dealt with until the Tuesday show. By the time the Tuesday CBS airing plays out, the houseguests have already been back and forth like 400 times on who they are going to evict. This basically makes the Sunday and Tuesday airings pretty much useless to me, especially since they don't even have the added bonus of having the Chenbot making odd wardrobe choices. I'm already kind of dreading the next Big Brother since I've barely had time to recuperate from the aforementioned winter edition, and this news doesn't make me any happier. It's gonna be a long summer.




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