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<i>Friday Night Lights</I>: Are You Ready for Some Football?

So I was able to obtain a screener copy of FNL's smashing season premiere and now I think I've got to go get a DirecTV subscription. I'm sure this was their master plan. If only I didn't pay an unspeakable amount for cable already, it would actually be doable. Anyway, our fantastic recapper Drunken Bee will be summarizing this season when it arrives on NBC early next year. But in the meantime, after the jump find some SPOILERS from the first episode if you just can't wait. God, I miss this show and it is my sincere wish that more people would watch it. I know that's a lot to ask.

Here's the big highlights:

Tami got a promotion. She's the school principal now. Which means she has to deal with gaggles of griping teachers who irrationally want things like textbooks from this decade and pencils and air conditioning. So needy, those teachers. But instead she's got Buddy Garrity handing her a big ass check so they can install a jumbotron behind the endzone. And she's none too happy to discover that Eric's office is kept perfectly at a cool 68 degrees and is outfitted with a brand new computer. So she goes toe-to-toe with the pigheaded pigskin fanatics and puts the jumbotron money to good use.

Eric, for his part, seems to be trying to pick up the slack with Gracie and Julie (who is more annoying than ever). But he just wants to give Julie whatever she wants without really thinking it through. And he's busy coaching Smash, who is still recuperating from his injury and having a crisis of faith about his football future. Plus, Eric's getting loads of pressure from a stage dad, who thinks his son J.D. might be the next Jason Street. In fact that dad picked up the entire family and transplanted them all the way across Texas so that Coach Taylor could mentor the kid. Given that Eric doesn't like to be told what to do when it comes to his team, or possibly replacing the adorable Saracen, this doesn't go over so well, even with the bribe of nice scotch and Cuban cigars.

As for Saracen, all he does is look heartbreaking as he sees his days of remaining at QB1 being very numbered.

Tyra looks freaking fantastic. She's grown out her hair to chin length and it's curly and honey colored and she's just really back to the smokin' hottie we met in Season 1. She and Landry have broken up... sort of. But he still hangs around and helps with her homework, fixes toilets, and just generally acts as moral support. Which is good because Trya needs like a 6.0 GPA in her senior year in order to get into a good college and get the hell out of Dillon, a town where her newly engaged stripper sister (she's gettin' hitched to Riggins' big bro) and mama just can't wait to see her find a good man and get knocked up. She snipes at Tami about getting her hopes up, but Tami puts her back on the right path and then Tyra awesomely yells at her new guidance counselor. God, I just love her.

Lyla's living at Buddy's house since her mom got married and moved to California. She's been sneaking Riggins in the backdoor and keeping him her dirty little secret. Apparently she's given up on that whole devout religious thing and is just back to having lots of sex. Riggins wants to have, like, a real relationship, and if she's not into it, he'll fill his time with the eager onslaught of new rally girls who are just itching to hook up with the new starting full back (or whatever Smash's position was... football is so complicated). Riggins' brother Billy tells him that the only relationship worth having is one that's out in the open. Just like his with his stripping fiance. See, because he's fine with her giving lap dances, long as she comes home to him. Classy. Billy thinks Lyla Garrity is way too good for his little bro and has the best quote of the night. "She went to bed with Jesus and woke up with you. You're a rebound from Jesus." But Riggins thinks Lyla's worth the trouble, and he apologizes for his flirting with the rally girls and generally asinine behavior. And they make out in the middle of the post-game dinner for all, including Buddy Garrity, to see.

It's good times. Heartbreaking. Funny. Filled with just the right amount of football. All in all, back to form after some missteps last season. It's just too bad the majority of us will have to wait months and months to see it. Clear Eyes. Full Hearts. Can't Lose. Can't Wait.




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