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Which Shows Should Go Host-Less Like MTV's Video Music Awards?

Our prayers have been answered. After Chelsea Handler proved to be absolutely terrible at last year's Video Music Awards, MTV has decided to ditch tradition and have no host at Sunday night's award ceremony. There are plenty of other shows that we wish would follow this example, as well as a few we hope never try to be as ahem edgy as MTV.

The Academy Awards
Host Required? Yes.
If Hathaway-Francogate taught us anything, it's that the Oscars thrive on good hosting; in fact, the show is usually a total bust without it. Why do you think America will forever love Billy Crystal?

The Golden Globes
Host Required? No.
Look, we love Ricky Gervais and everything, but the Globes really don't demand a master of ceremonies. And with all of the "will-he-or-won't-he return" drama that's already been happening this year, we're hoping for no more headaches and a return to the traditional format of drunken celebrities accepting awards in peace.

Big Brother
Host Required? Absolutely not.
Julie Chen's already got plenty of other projects to entertain herself with (did we mention The Talk comes back September 6?), so we don't understand why, week after week, she has to personally return to lead the BB elimination ceremonies. Can't the Head of Household do it?

Hell's Kitchen
Host Required? Yes.
Let's face it: Any show that has Gordon Ramsay behind it requires his presence. As dramatic as his shtick is on this show, we'd miss him if he were gone. And don't get us started on his Great Escape.

The Bachelor Franchise
Host Required? Yes.
While it seems as though Chris Harrison hates his life when he shows up to deliver single lines of speech every episode, ABC honestly needs the guy. Who else would know how to lead a Rose Ceremony with such tact?

Host Required? Yes.
Let's face it, Jeff Probst knows his way around a reality show hosting gig, not to mention a tribal council.

Bad Girls Club Reunions
Host Required? Oh yeah.
Perez Hilton does not get enough credit for his emcee duties here. He knows how to balance craziness and drama while actually getting information out from these wild women. Seriously, it sometimes makes us forget that he's that Perez Hilton.

Teen Mom and 16 and Pregnant Reunions
Host Required? A new one, yes.
We've said it before and we'll say it again: Dr. Drew has got to go. He's just awful when it comes to talking to teens about sex, especially young women. Maybe he can use his energy on finding actual stars for Celebrity Rehab because he's even worse than that no-name Jersey Shore reunion host.

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