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<i>Project Runway</i>: Our Hopes for Season 10

We still can't believe how much we loved Project Runway All Stars, to the point that we're kind of bummed that Isaac Mizrahi, Georgina Chapman, Joanna Coles and Angela Lindvall won't be around this season. Much as we enjoyed Season 9 (not to mention the fact that we'd never turn down more Tim Gunn in our lives), we're a little worried that the show will now fall the way of other reality competitions that lost stamina after an all-star season (looking at you, Top Chef). Here's what we're hoping that the powers that be at Lifetime bring to the runway this season:

Expert Opinions Over Trendy Celebrities
The latest press release for the show boasts Hayden Panettiere, Lauren Graham and Krysten Ritter as guest judges for this season... you know, those fashion icons. With any luck, they'll be the only celebrities we have to see for this installment, as we've learned that recognizable TV stars are far less interesting than unique designers -- even if we've barely heard of the experts. People who understand the business and craft of fashion make for better TV than people who occasionally get to wear pretty gowns at the Emmys.

Inventive Challenges and Loving Callbacks
Nothing is worse than a boring weekly assignment, which is why we're still scratching our heads that recent challenges have centered around gelato, stilts and a no-name band, not to mention Heidi and Nina's personal clothing lines. Considering that Project Runway is basically a reality competition institution at this point, it'd be smart if the series had benchmark challenges each season -- the way that, say, RuPaul's Drag Race has the Snatch Game and the aforementioned Top Chef has Restaurant Wars. As it stands now, newer challenges feel like thinly veiled rip-offs of past favorites. Why not just go full-on callback? And if the big week happens to require Miss Piggy to return as a guest judge, so be it.

Contestants Who Can Sew
Look, we loved Anya for her sweet personality and lovely designs, but at the end of the day, she didn't know how to sew. How low is the level of competition that Project Runway can't find interesting, innovative people with unique visions who also have basic construction skills? If getting higher quality contestants means that the winner's contract has to be less stringent (after watching Jay McCarroll refuse Bravo's money back in Season 1, something tells us they're pretty bad), it would be a small price to pay for better quality TV. We promise not to tell the folks at Lord & Taylor, HP or Lexus about it.

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