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<I>Cult</I>: What the Cast Should Do Next

Given that The CW moved Cult from its plum Tuesday time slot to 9 PM on Friday nights after only two episodes, we figure that the future does not look bright for this series, or the show within the show -- we've even stopped recapping it because we can hear the death knell coming. Since we really do like the cast, we're hoping that they move on to bigger and better things when Cult is inevitably cancelled. Here are our suggestions.

Matthew Davis
Obviously Alaric should hightail it back to The Vampire Diaries as soon as he possibly can. Even if Cult doesn't get cancelled, he was far better off in TVD land. Sure, they killed his character at the end of last season, but that largely seems to be irrelevant on that show. Ghost Alaric hanging out with Damon would be fun, or if they just made this whole disappointing season a dream and Ric was still alive, we'd be okay with that as well.

Jessica Lucas
She's gorgeous and has some experience dealing with oddballs who may be kidnappers, so send this girl over to The Following. Lord knows that Ryan and everyone else at the FBI is terrible at their jobs and keep letting killers get away, so she might actually be of use somehow.

Alona Tal
It's too bad that her Meg Manning alter ego is dead or we'd hope she'd find a spot in the Veronica Mars movie. Since that doesn't seem like a viable option, perhaps CBS will give her a sister-crime fighting show along with Poppy Montgomery. Barring that dream show we've invented in our brains, we'd maybe like to see her as a potential badass alien on the forthcoming Defiance.

Stacey Farber
We were excited to see the former Degrassi star turn up on our TV sets in this recurring role, but we're sad that is seemingly not for long. She should stay in The CW family and get herself back in time to the '80s for a job at Interview on The Carrie Diaries.

Robert Knepper
How he's not already cast on Once Upon a Time as Rumpy's brother is a mystery to us. He needs to be on that show immediately, and Mr. Gold and T-Bag can have the world's creepiest and most awesome showdown ever.

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