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New Veep Candidate a WB Fan?

by Angel Cohn August 29, 2008 3:54 pm

I normally stay away from politics (well, unless they are on 24 or The West Wing) but I couldn't help myself when we saw that Sarah Palin (John McCain's running mate) had give all her children unusual names (Track, Bristol and Trig? Really?) and that two of the girls just happened to share names with famous TV witches. No, there's not a Sabrina or Samantha, but instead she's named them Piper and Willow (see clips after the jump if you have no idea who we're talking about, or are suffering through withdrawal). Palin is only 44 and clearly could have been a fan of the addictive WB dramas, and been inspired to give her kids these TV-centric names. Seems too unusual to just be random. Now do you think it is just a coincidence that a probable fan of The WB is plucked out of relative obscurity (she lives in Alaska) the very same week the WB launched their new site with these shows on them?

As promised, here's Piper on Charmed. She's the one acting all bitchy about passing milk.

And the always delightful Willow on Buffy. Though this is before she came into her magical powers, and also before she became a lesbian. This is from the way back in the simpler times when she was just a girl with an unrequited crush on her best friend.




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