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Palin’s SNL Gambit: Mostly Dumb

by Lauren Gitlin October 20, 2008 2:22 pm
After much speculation, denials and other typically political subterfuge, GOP vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin finally made an appearance on SNL this past Saturday. Contrary to rumors, Palin did not parody Tina Fey's American Express commercial. In fact, of the two skits she appeared in, she played herself in both of them, which I believe is code for "this ho can't act worth a damn." Luckily, her presence didn't dissuade Tina Fey from putting on another spot-on Palin impersonation, this time with extra meta winking -- the two, dressed identically, passed one another as Fey left the podium and Palin took the stage.

The first bit, which involved Alec Baldwin talking all kinds of ish about Palin to Lorne Michaels -- and for someone who's hosted the show a record 13 times, his cue-card reading skills are abhorrent -- was suitably defamatory. But the second sketch, in which a ready-to-pop pregnant Amy Poehler spit an agry Palin-centric rap while Her Barricuda-ness bopped along -- I'm loathe to admit it, adorably -- has gotten mixed reviews. I think pregnant white ladies rapping is by definition a knee-slapper, but there's no accounting for taste. Refresh your mammaries memories after the jump and then tell us your thoughts about the sketch.




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