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Another Lost Premiere Clip: Ben and Jack, Living in Sin

by Mindy Monez December 16, 2008 11:29 am
Another <I>Lost</I> Premiere Clip: Ben and Jack, Living in Sin ABC has generously released another couple minutes from Lost's season premiere online today, probably to keep us all from getting stabby between now and January 21. I'm loving these sneak rollouts, by the way. Obviously, the wait for Lost to start has been excruuuuciating for everybody, so it's nice to at least have some tidbits between now and the premiere to keep us sane. It's really a public service they're doing.

Anyway, unlike Kate's clip from a few weeks ago, this one doesn't really reveal much new information, plot-wise, but what it lacks in exposition it makes up for in hilarious subtext. There is something vaguely homoerotic about this clip, no? Jack shaving while Ben meticulously packs their bags in a dimly lit no-tell motel just makes me laugh. They're such an old married couple. (This is neither here nor there, but I've decided that if the writers completely lose their minds this season and decide to actually make Jack and Ben a gay couple based on this blog post alone, I think the pointless change would be totally worth it, just for the celeb couple name I just made up for them: "Back". You're welcome, Darlton.)

Watch the clip below and give thanks for videographic evidence of Jack shaving that damn beard in the comments!




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