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Project Runway: Tears Behind the Scenes

by Angel Cohn November 4, 2011 10:33 am
<I>Project Runway</I>: Tears Behind the Scenes

I wasn't going to watch the Behind the Seams special, since I was already over this season of Project Runway, but the power of Tim Gunn compelled me.

While most of it was filled with a lot of rehash, there was a good amount of time dedicated to Tim Gunn's opinionated take on the worst challenges (highlighting the rock band and stilts episodes), his hatred of designers using glue guns, his disgust with the constant fabric dyeing this season and his hope to put the kibosh on sewing models into the clothes instead of using zippers or other fasteners. This would probably mean that the likes of Anya would never win again (which should make Josh very happy) but it would also force everyone to really step up their game.

But the most touching moment came in the last few minutes when Tim Gunn got all choked up because the designers surprised him with a video love letter about how much he meant to them, and a plaque for being the best mentor around. It was fairly moving, and wonderful to see how much this man actually means to these people, even when he's questioning their design sensibilities.

The full episode is below. I'd stop and watch any time Tim is talking, but skip right to the last five minutes or so to see the really refreshingly sweet reality TV moment.

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